New JOYTOY Castellan Crowe & Space Marines!

Castellan CroweNew JOYTOY action figures have been spotted, including Grey Knights Castellan Crowe, Ultramarines, and more!

If you’ve been looking for something to spice up your collection, these new Warhammer 40k JOYTOY action figures might be perfect! While they aren’t up for sale quite yet, they are awesome.

It’s actually cool to see another named character coming to the line, so if you play Grey Knights, you can order him right now!

New JOYTOY Grey Knights Castellan Crowe

JOYTOY Castellan CroweHis accessories are pretty cool with a demon sword and even the flames!

JOYTOY Castellan Crowe 2

We’ve only seen a few named characters up to this point, so it’s cool to see more! We can only hope they keep making them!

JOYTOY Castellan Crowe 3When he slams his sword down on the table, you better start running your army the way he wants. or you might end up purged yourself.

New Ultramarines Eradicators

JOYTOY Eradicator

JOYTOY Eradicator 2Obviously, the blue boys wouldn’t come to the field without some heavy firepower!

JOYTOY Eradicator 3


JOYTOY Eradicator 4There will be three different options for them, but you’ll probably have to buy them all one by one.

JOYTOY Eradicator 5They are actually really cool and a great addition to the line!

Blade Guard & Captain

JOYTOY Ultramarines


JOYTOY Ultramarines 2This guy has all the gear! It can barely fit on the model, but hey, we want all the options.

JOYTOY Ultramarines 3


JOYTOY Ultramarines 4 Last but not least, you get this stoic fellow, and he looks really mean.

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JOYTOY Flyima 3

JOYTOY Flyima 2

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JOYTOY PRe-order

Joytoy new wave

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Are you picking any of these new JOYTOY Warhammer 40k Action Figures up? What is your favorite?

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