New 40k Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue Revealed By GW

new-imperial-guardA new Imperial Guard Cadian upgrade sprue accessory set will release with a ton of extra bits to make completely new Warhammer 40k miniatures!

You may remember the Black Templars accessory sprue that came with a bunch of bits to upgrade those miniatures. Well this new Imperial Guard Cadian Accessory Upgrade sprue is similar and can even make new models, like an Armoured Division Officer, a medic, and more.

New 40k Imperial Guard Cadian Accessory Set Upgrade Sprue

Warhammer Community unveiled the new bits and some ways you can use the sprue to make different minis. Let’s check it out.

Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue

Just take a look at all of those characterful bits! Some of our favourites include the wrench – perfect for disciplining any misbehaving machine spirits with a good whack – the bolt clippers for rescuing your commanding officer’s vintage amsec from his drinks cabinet, and the promethium cans for when your Chimera runs out of fuel and you have to march across the desert for a refill.

And that’s without talking about all the head options – including enough cap-clad heads to outfit an entire squad with brimmed headgear, and one soldier wearing a nice warm hat knitted by his mum. There’s also an impromptu grave for a true hero of the Imperium, stalwart sandbags for anyone unable to reach an Aegis Defence Line, and MORE BAYONETS!

There really are a ton of bits, and from the sounds of it, it will be a separate kit (they say it will be released hot on the heels of the Cadian kit). You could probably grab just a couple of these and have enough for most of your army. If we look back at the Black Templars kit, it runs for $35, so we expect this to be a similar price.

black templars sword brethren 9

When compared to this, it has a fairly different style of bits but a similar amount (just no decals). Just something to keep in mind when looking at the kit in terms of price.

New Build Options

Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue 2

As we’ve seen from Captain Messinius, capes are very fashionable in the 41st Millennium. With a similarly stoic pose to the legendary Knight Commander Pask – or a brandished sword, if you prefer to drive your tank closer – this decorated Cadian officer fits perfectly into the hatch of a Rogal Dorn Battle Tank, giving it the prestige to get exactly where it needs to be.

This is a really cool addition to any tank and should increase efficiency just by being there.

Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue 3

With the new Khorne Berzerkers on the way, there’s about to be a LOT of blood spilt on the battlefields of the far future. Don’t worry, the medic will be able to put some of it back in. Will it be enough? Better stock up on the Blood for the Blood God just in case.

When your squads take so much fire, you’re going to want a medic around to take care of them!

Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue 4

Of course, if you do get patched up, you’ll be straight back into the fight! You don’t need two hands and arms to fight in the name of the God-Emperor. Just make sure you use your good eye to line up your lasgun sights – we don’t want a repeat of what happened to the colonel’s beloved cyber-mastiff.

Obviously, there are always wounded guardsmen around. Might as well get them back in the fight!

Imperial Guard Cadian Upgrade Sprue 5

It’s not easy to work out where you are when you’ve lost your entire planet. Fortunately, this not-at-all-lost trooper can help you easily find your way around battlefields.

You can also field these as Spotter Veterans in a veteran squad, so this sprue will be pretty versatile, making tons of cool-looking minis!

Cadian Upgrade Sprue

To be fair, it’s interesting to see GW go this route again, as they also just put an upgrade sprue in the older Cadian kit before reworking the entire Cadian just over a year later, seemingly to sell the new “upgraded” Cadian Shock Trooper kit at a higher price point.

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    What are your thoughts on the new Cadian upgrade sprue? Will you pick any of them up?

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