Rock Hard New Marvel Crisis Protocol Rules Revealed for Emma Frost!

Emma Frost Rules featureAMG revealed the Emma Frost character cards and rules for Marvel Crisis Protocol; here is the latest and where you can order her!

The Emma Frost expansion has hit pre-order, so it’s good to know what he can do before you buy! First, check out the new expansion, then jump into the latest rules from AMG’s Transmission!

If you read this after March 10th, 2023, this expansion set should be fully released and available from your favorite store!  To order one for yourself, you can click here or click the header below. 

Marvel Crisis Protocol Emma Frost & Psylocke: $39.99

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Emma Frost & Psylocke 2As we said, getting three models and cards is actually pretty nice, as the price is the same as most two-model expansions.

Emma Frost & Psylocke 3Here’s what they have to say about the new set:

Two powerful psychic mutants come to Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this new pack! First is Emma Frost, a powerful telepath with the ability to turn her body into organic diamond. Joining her is Psylocke, who can manifest the focused force of telepathic power as a “psychic blade.” 

New Marvel Crisis Protocol Rules for Emma Frost:

This is for her normal side; we will discuss the Diamond side below.

Emma Frost Rules

Emma’s first and favorite set of abilities reside in her formidable mind. A telepath, telekinetic, and general strategic genius, Ms. Frost prefers to keep the battlefield under control. Her Psychic Spike attack can target foes at a lengthy Range 4 while she builds her plan around the Power gained for Damage dealt. And if her Mystic mind-boggling lands just right, a Wild and Hit result will let her Advance her target Short.

She has some pretty interesting rules; however, maybe the most important thing, she’s only Threat 4. She seems possibly better than Jean Grey, and Jean is a threat five character. So, just something to keep in mind as you read the rules.

There may also be some interesting combinations with other characters returning after getting dazed or K.O.ed, both by reactive superpowers or team tactics cards, too here.  Even Juggernaut isnt liking her Power Inhibition.

Emma Frost Rules 2

As alluded to, Emma Frost was born of high society. She’s very fond of her personal space, and will treat anyone who breaches it to a healthy Hands Off. At Strength 8 and Range 3 directly into the opponent’s Mystic defense, I’d highly recommend respecting her boundaries. And if decency and raw psychic annihilation aren’t enough encouragement, a single Wild will trigger Defenestrate, allowing her to flex her telekinesis on anyone Size 4 or less as they are Thrown Short.

As we said power Inhibition is just a big debuff, and then, she can shield allies and even transform into her diamond form!

Diamond Form Rules

Emma Frost Rules 3

Emma considers her Diamond Form transformation to be “Far From My Best Look”. She’s eager to transform back once the danger has passed, and after any Activation she starts in Diamond Form ends, she’ll do just that. And it’s not hard to see why. Despite the utility of being made of nigh-indestructible organic diamond, having a Diamond Mind is tough for someone who prides herself on being a telepathic technician. While in Diamond Form, she isn’t able to use any of her telepathic abilities… or play any Team Tactic Cards.

While you can’t use her telepathic abilities, she has Psychic Immunity, immunity to a bunch of stuff, and her attacks become stronger. However, she wants to transform back into her normal form, so this only lasts one activation.

Emma Frost Rules 4

As comfy as unbreakable skin may be, staying on the defensive isn’t Emma’s style. Another perk of a diamond body is enhanced strength, and when duty calls, Sometimes One Must Get Their Hands Dirty. For 3 Power Emma can hurl a terrain feature up to Size 3 Medium, either clearing the way or volleying damage into her foes. Once she closes the distance, a good old-fashioned Diamond Strike will make her enemies think twice about engaging her up close. With a Stun and a Pierce for a Wild and a Critical, enemy jaws are a lot more likely to break than her diamond fist.

As we said, while she doesn’t have her telepathic power, she can throw stuff, her attacks become stronger, and she can shift herself back into her normal form. Overall, just some really cool rules, and being able to transform into and out of diamond is awesome. Plus, you get an extra model to represent the diamond form, so even more hobby fun!

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