Templars Secure The Dicehammer Open: Top 3 40k Army Lists

Top-3-army-lists-40k-wal-hor-2Black Templars won the Dicehammer Open over the weekend, as these Warhammer 40k army lists took the top three spots!

The tournament is over, and now we can look at which lists managed to secure a place at the top! Check out what these winners brought into their armies.

Black Templars Secure The Dicehammer Open VI: Top 3 40k Army Lists

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. 

Note: We weren’t able to get the full top 8 results for this event.

3rd Place: Jason Kavetsky – Astra Militarum

imperial guard hor wal


Jason Kavetsky 1


Jason Kavetsky 2


Jason Kavetsky 3


2nd Place: Jason McKenzie – T’au

do not use fire warriors wallpaper tau


Jason McKenzie tau 1


Jason McKenzie tau 2


1st Place: Kevin Roach – Black Templars

Black Templar Neophyte Wal Hor


Kevin Roach 1

Kevin’s Templars were led by Grimaldus and a Chaplain; both provide great bodies along with fantastic Litany Support. There is also Helbrecht as an insane model with great support auras and a Lieutenant providing wound re-rolls.

Troops start off with Incursors as a solid and cheap squad of bodies for some ranged shots.

Kevin Roach 2

The rest of the troops are 50 Primaris Crusaders, which are a mix of units providing some serious melee threats and some less great body shields.

Elites, on the other hand, bring in some ranged threats with 2 Aggressors for chaff clearing. Servitors provide some very cheap bodies, and Terminators wrap it up with five shields and hammers for insanely durable melee threats.

Kevin Roach 3

Heavy Supports end the list with three Eradicators for the only source of real anti-armor ranged threats.

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What do you think about all three top 40k army lists from the Dicehammer Open?

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