GW Reveals Plastic Horus Heresy Legion Vindicator

Horus Heresy Plastic Legion Vindicator featureMore plastic tanks are still on the way for Horus Heresy, as GW just revealed the Legion Vindicator- check it out!

If you need to destroy basically anything on the battlefield, this is going to be the tank for you! The new kit looks like it’s going to have two options for main weapons, either the Demolisher Cannon or the Magna Laser Destroyer.

They even said there are more reveals on the way, so who knows? Maybe we’ll get another tank next week as well! Let’s take a closer look at the new reveal.

GW Reveals Plastic Horus Heresy Legion Vindicator

The tank comes from this Warhammer Community post.

Horus Heresy Plastic Legion Vindicator

The last word in mobile wall-removal packs a massive centerline-mounted demolisher cannon – a huge shell-lobbing bombard that trades the long range of artillery for awesome destructive power. It’s quite content to turn anything it hits into confetti, but excels at cracking Fortifications and other buildings. During the Age of Darkness, it was common to fit Vindicators with magna laser destroyers to take on super-heavy vehicles and Titans. These batteries of up-gunned lascannons toss out more shots than the Sicaran Venator’s lone neutron beam laser, and trade the extreme range and destructive power of the neutron laser battery found on the Cerberus for the privilege of not occasionally blowing up in your face.

It’s always nice to get more plastic tanks as they are generally a little bit cheaper and are easier to build, plus, they hopefully make this easy to magnetize.

Horus Heresy Plastic Legion Vindicator 2

Both loadouts are included in the new kit, plus a hefty dozer blade and the usual bevvy of pintle-mounted guns. The rules for this mighty armour-cracker can be found in the Liber Astartes and Liber Hereticus rulebooks – the Vindicator can be fielded in squadrons of up to three, so get to planning your armoured division and you’ll soon feel… vindicated.

As we said, more options are always better! Overall, the tank is pretty cool; let’s hope the price doesn’t get too crazy for the dual kit…

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Will you be picking this up when it drops? Do you like the idea of more plastic tanks?

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