New Warhammer 40k FAQ Gives World Eaters Way More Units

FAQ-forge-world-warhammer-40k-imperial-armor-compendiumThe new Imperial Armor FAQ has just given World Eaters, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons access to dozens of datasheets!

In a recent FAQ GW allowed the three specific legions access to way more vehicles and units. Instead of just being for standard CSM, they can all take them! Obviously, Imperial Armor is mainly for giant models and most players won’t take advantage of some of the more ridiculous units. However, there are some very useful units included in this!

So, if you’ve been wanting a new hobby project, or have one of these laying around, you can add them to your army. Let’s take a closer look!

New Imperial Armor FAQ Gives World Eaters Way More Units

You can download the FAQ here.

Imperial Armor FAQSo, this gives the three legions access to a ton of models. Whether playing World Eaters, Death Guard, or Thousand Sons, you can now access everything originally just for Chaos Space Marines.

Imperial Armor FAQ 2So, this takes the World Eaters’ available datasheets from 22 to 53. As we said, the majority will not be used by most players, but there are some good ones in there as well.

Imperial Armor FAQ 3First up is the Dreadclaw Drop Pod. This can carry 10 Eightbound and drop them into the game on turn one!

You’ll be 9″ away, but this is just a cool option, and for a Forge World model, not insanely expensive either points-wise or price-wise. This runs for $123 from FW, so not cheap, but also not insane when it comes to their prices.

Plus, if your opponent doesn’t deal with it, it can be pretty annoying. There’s also the Kharybdis Assault Claw that can hold 20 Eightbound, but it’s really expensive price-wise.

So you really have to want it! For transports, you also have the option of the Termite, which can hold 12 Eightbound. This only runs at 185 points but does currently cost $152.

Imperial Armor FAQ 4Onto non-transports, the Khorne Blood Slaughterer Impaler might be the biggest thing unit to take. It only costs 125 points; its Impaler Harpoon is really interesting and can drag units towards you, can get additional charge range, and has a decent statline.

So, if you want something a little different in your army, this might be the way to go! Plus, it’s actually cheaper than the Dreadclaw Drop Pod in terms of price, so we might actually see this in some armies! 

Overall, this adds a ton of units, but we probably won’t see much of them on the tabletop. Either way, it’s pretty interesting to see and might open up a ton of list-building options.

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What do you think about World Eaters, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons getting access to all these units?

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