RUMORS: New Imperial Agents 40k Codex & Box on the Way!

chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopThere are some pretty big rumors floating around about a new Warhammer 40k Imperial Agents Codex and Box set- check it out!

Even though we just saw a small update by GW, rumors are floating about a full-blown codex and a box set with some new models inside. So, if you want to play Inquisitors, Rogue Traders, or Breachers, you might be able to very soon!

Just remember, though, these are rumors, so take them with as much salt as you need! Nothing is confirmed until GW actually says it is, so while this might get your hobby juices flowing, don’t get too excited quite yet.

With that in mind, let’s look closer at the new rumors!

RUMORS: New Imperial Agents Codex & Box on the Way!

These rumors come from Valrak.

Adeptus Arbites Kill TeamAs we said, there was a tiny update, but that doesn’t mean much, as we know GW doesn’t mind changing rules quickly. So, first up, we’re not sure if this will come before 10th Edition, but from the current timeline, it looks a little hard to squeeze in the book before this summer.

Apparently, the new codex book would encompass basically everything not in a dedicated book right now. So this would include Inquisitors, Rogue Traders, Arbites, Imperial Breachers, Assassins, and maybe some more special characters.

It would be really awesome to be able to take all these Imperial forces in one army with a dedicated book. We don’t have too many details on the book, but there are already enough random forces out there to make a book, but we assume they would try and expand the Breacher or Arbites side of things.

Now, onto the box. From the sounds of it, this is going to be a Combat Patrol, most likely, and not a giant new starter box. His source said there would be Breachers and an Assassin (that is rumored to be a new model) inside, along with a few more models.

This would line up pretty well with the size of the existing Combat Patrols, so it makes sense. Again, not sure if this will drop before 10th edition, but either way, we hope they get some new models and not just existing models. Either way, this could be a really cool way to play an Imperial army!

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