These are the New Warhammer 40k Rules For Lion El’Jonson!

40k-primarch-newIt’s always great to know what a Primarch is capable of, and GW just confirmed the new Warhammer 40k Lion El’Jonson rules!

It’s cool to see what the big guy can do. While this isn’t just a free datasheet like they did Azrael and Vashtorr, it does show off his full statline, wargear, and more!

Warhammer 40k Lion El’Jonson Rules Confirmed By GW!

First, check out the rules from Warhammer Community and then jump into the launch box.

Lion El'jonson rules 2

While most of his characteristics mirror those of his brother Roboute Guilliman, the Lion’s sword arm is a good bit quicker with a staggering 10 attacks. That would already be enough to put his noble sibling onto the back foot, but his massive sword Fealty only enhances his capacity for mass butchery.

With 10 attacks, he is going to be a monster in combat but other than that, he looks pretty similar to Guilliman.

Roboute datasheet

With their stats basically the same, this might be a good indication of Lion El’Jonson’s points, but with the rest of his rules, might be more.

Lion El'jonson rules

Whew – safety in numbers is clearly not a concept the Lion cares for. 

When you add the Sweep rule for The Lion, he can get at least 20 attacks at AP-3 and D2! This means he could quickly kill swathes of Chaos Marines! If you need to kill something more significant, he goes to S10, AP-5, and D4, still with at least ten attacks.

In combat, he will be such a monster; not much will be able to stand up to him.

Lion El'jonson rules 4

What marks him out as a warrior of truly singular provenance isn’t even his sword, but rather the Emperor’s Shield. This auramite aegis was once wielded by the Emperor himself, and aside from its indomitable protective powers it reflects the force of incoming attacks right back at his foe with a sonorous boom.*

While he doesn’t have quite as good of a save as Guilliman, he bounces back Mortal Wounds to the enemy, so again, he is just super strong.

Lion El'jonson rules 3

The true nature of this empyric travel is known only to the Primarch himself, but as he lay slumbering beneath the Rock his dreams often returned to the forests of his youth. Could he be borne by the ghosts of that same arboreal realm, slain in the destruction of Caliban? He’s certainly not telling, but the practical applications of this ability to appear as if from nowhere aren’t lost on him.

Well, he’s impressive in combat, so just drop him down with free charge re-rolls anywhere on the board! Overall, he’s shaping up to be a combat monster.


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