Wicket Ambushes Star Wars Legion With New Rules For Ewoks

wicket-ewok-rules-expansion-star-wars-legion-miniatureThe new Star Wars: Legion Logray & Wicket Ewoks Commander Expansion is here, along with new rules too! 

The new models are dope, and who doesn’t want cute and cuddly murder bears on their team?  If you read this after July 21st, 2023, this expansion set should be fully released and available from your favorite store!  To order one for yourself, you can click here or the header below. 

Star Wars: Legion Logray & Wicket Ewoks Commander Expansion: $29.99

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The duo has some cool mini and as Ewoks are a favorite, it makes sense for them to get Legion models finally!

LOGRAY & WICKET box back

Here’s what they have to say about the new expansion:

Two heroic Ewoks come to Star Wars™: Legion to help bring down the Empire in this pack! The brave and resourceful Wicket W. Warrick and Logray proved instrumental in helping the Rebels bring down the Imperial shield generator during the battle of Endor and this pack adds these iconic Ewoks as new Commander choices for Rebel armies and the new Bright Tree Village Battle Force. In addition to miniatures of these characters and their unit cards, this pack also provides players with new unit cards for C-3PO and Chewbacca that reflect their time on Endor during Return of the Jedi, giving players even more ways to use them in battle! Finally, five upgrade cards round out this pack, inviting players to further customize their Ewok forces.

Wicket Ambushes Star Wars Legion With New Rules for Ewoks

wicket hero card

Wicket has several abilities and keywords that reflect his skills as a leader of the Ewoks on Endor. Experienced as a solo scout for his tribe, Independent: Dodge 1 helps give Wicket some protection when he is not issued an order. A combination of Low Profile and Nimble also keep him safe while moving around the battlefield. Familiar with the terrain he is fighting over, Scout 1 and Unhindered help Wicket gain an advantage over his Imperial oppressors. Additionally, Scouting Party 2 allows Wicket to guide another unit into the best possible position to begin their attack. 

When it is time to strike, Wicket can utilize Relentless to make an attack action after performing a move action. His Sling delivers a single die at range 1-2, with Pierce 1 and a new keyword, Primitive. This keyword changes a critical result to a hit against units with Armor or Armor X. Sharpshooter 2 assures that his throw will always hit Wicket’s target. With his trusty Spear in hand, Wicket is ready to take on the Empire, throwing 2 Red and 1 Black attack dice in melee with Pierce 1. Already a competent unit on the battlefield, that’s not all Wicket brings to the table. 

Coming in at 70 points, he has many abilities to help out your army and seems to be decently powerful in combat with all kinds of offensive abilities! Plus you can use his mobility capabilities to improve your list overall.

forest dwellers

Finally, Wicket can use one of his three training slots to take advantage of a new upgrade, Forest Dwellers, which gives him Scout 1 (upgrading Wicket to Scout 2) and a dodge token at the start of the first activation phase. 

Upgrading an already great ability is a sweet bonus and will surely see some play.

wicket command cards

Wicket’s command cards offer a variety of support to his fellow Ewoks. Courageous Counterattack gives Bright Tree units with a faceup order token null courage and adds white attack dice equal to the number of wound tokens or defeated miniatures that unit has suffered when forming attack pools. If Wicket needs to prepare an ambush, Sneaky Scouting helps him do just that, giving two enemy units observation tokens, and allowing friendly units the unique ability to spend that observation token to gain surge to hit when attacking.  

If things get too hot in the midst of battle, Wicket can use Close Call to give himself a dodge token, Outmaneuver, and increase his speed to 3. Although it takes away his ability to attack, this card gives Wicket the ability to escape a tough situation and regroup before the next assault.

With three solid command cards, things are looking up! Especially when you consider Logray is also getting his own as well!

Leia Wicket teamwork card

Finally, Leia Organa gains access to a brand-new command card: A Beautiful Friendship. This command card gives Wicket Teamwork: Leia Organa and allows a Bright Tree affiliated Commander to issue a friendly Rebel unit at range 1 an order. When you issue an order with a Rebel Commander unit, you can issue an order to a friendly Bright Tree unit. With these powerful command cards in hand, Wicket is able to coordinate the Ewok attack with the Rebellion and gain an edge on the battlefield in your games of Star Wars: Legion. 

Allowing Rebels to gain bonuses for working with Ewoks is super on theme and will hopefully lead to some creative army lists!

We cant wait to see C-3P0 and Lograys cards soon as well!

Will you be picking this box up? Do you like the rules for Wicket in Star Wars Legion so far?

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