Magnetize Your Bases Easily With These Time Savers

magnetize basesThe Magnet Baron is back with some kits to easily magnetize your bases and make transporting and storing them so much easier!

The Magnet Baron regularly comes out with some of the best accessories for all tabletop gaming! Obviously, it often focuses on magnets, but if you want to future-proof your minis and keep them safe and stored easily, you need to check them out.

This time, they focus on people who want to keep their minis safe in both storage and magnetization. Magnetizing your bases is one of the easiest and best ways to keep your miniatures safe, as you never have to worry about them sliding around and breaking during transportation.

Then, for storage, you only need a little sheet of metal and boom, they stick on in no time.

We get all our magnets for hobbying from The Magnet Baron. Be sure to use coupon code Spikey10off to get 10% off your next order with them!

Bases with Magnets: Price Varies

Magnetize your basesThey have basically every size you could need for Warhammer, with base sizes ranging from 25mm to 170mm x 105mm. So just grab these, and they have pre-drilled holes, making magnetizing super easy!

magnetize bases 2Here are the specs on these:

  • Need replacement bases for you Warhammer models?
  • Bought some models second hand without bases? 
  • Here’s a full selection of bases for Games-Workshop Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar with magnets and holes ready to go.

Scenic Base Self-Adhesive Magnets: $4.99

magnetize bases 3

  • Want to magnetize your scenic bases?
  • Peal and stick, and presto!
  • To magnetize the small clear skimmer bases from Games-Workshop, use the 32mm magnets. For the larger clear skimmer bases on most skimmers, use the 60mm magnets.

50pcs Flush-Fit Base Magnets: $17.99

magnetize bases 4

  • What size magnets for 40k bases you ask? These sizes! The 2.2mm height is the critical measurement that allows them to be flush to the base, not too tall or too short.
  • Use these to mount your miniatures to magnetic movement trays, cookie sheets, Magna Racks, Table War case, etc.

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Use coupon code Spikey10off to get 10% off your next order with them!

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