Terrain Workshop: Fortress Maximus, Imperial Outpost

By Rob Baer | October 1st, 2010 | Categories: Conversions, How To Tutorial, Terrain Workshop, Warhammer 40k

Here’s a little article about updating terrain pieces you may have already, with some of the plastic kits Games Workshop has put out over the last few years.

By combining old buildings and ruins with the new kits, you can make a fluid looking theme out of two different designs of terrain.

I originally made this fortress about eight years ago, to go with some foam core ruins I made using GW templates from the old City Fight expansion. The ruins themselves were pretty sweet and the right scale for 40k, but there was only two patterns to choose from.

So I wanted to add some flavor to this terrain and I thought that an actual whole building would look great amidst all the ruins.  So that’s how Fortress Maximus was born.

Originally I had grand plans of making two identical fortress sections to attach on ether side of the fort, to wall off a four foot section of table, and make play some “invasion” type scenarios.  I never did make them, but if you notice the sides of Fort Max have recessed firing alcoves, so I can always go back and make the wall sections to connect into those.

On a bit of tangent I did actually end up making a City Fight invasion table, but I took a different approach to the walls (and I used a lot of photoshop apparently). 

Anyways, since it had been a few years since I made the fortress, and there are awesome new kits now from Games Workshop, I figured it was time to give it a face-lift.  You can see above I started adding some armaments using the Phalanx Cannon and Interceptor Lascannon from some of the new kits.  I also added the communication array to the interior for fun, or to use as a “capture the fort” objective.  If you look close you can see copious amounts of dust and “battle damage” that has accrued due to years of neglect.  🙁

 (drat walls of paper!)

So it was definitely time to tighten this puppy up and get it in working condition to battle the enemies of the Imperium!  I started with the buttresses which was the easiest conversion since those pieces come pre-made now in the Sanctum Imperialis.

Then I added in some Heavy Bolter turret emplacements to defend the front gate. To make them I just used the mounts from the Phalanx cannons, and added some twin linked heavy bolter turrets from a razorback. I also put some Baneblade Heavy Bolter Sponsors in the corners to protect the approaches.

You may notice the firing ports on the walls from the original design. Those are just Cav bases with the middle slotta section cut out.  Then I glued them onto the walls at the height models would hold their weapons up to it.  I think I may have cut slots into the wall through to the back, but I cant remember for sure. If I didn’t it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  🙂

To finish off the retrofit, I stole some armor plates from the Fortress of Redemption and a Baneblade to try to make the fortress fit the “feel” of the new plastic kits.

For the interior of the fortress, I added some ladder bits for the upper levels, and figured out the final placements of the interior systems.  I also added some searchlights to the upper level ramparts to catch people being sneaky. All I have to do now is paint it (and probably dust it as well).

I’ll save painting it for a future article, and maybe compare it next to some of the new Cities of Death buildings.  For now here’s some bigger pics to check out.

So that’s all for now, what do you think so far? Does it fit the look and feel of Cities of Death? -MBG

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