Showcase- Amazing Ornate Land Raider Crusader

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Today we take a look at Jkin’s incredibly detailed Black Templar Land Raider.

He put a ton of time into this thing, ornately detailing scriptures and litanies into the armor, as well as going so far as to using powders to weather the vehicle as well.

The pictures above shows the custom kinght Jkin sculpted into the front right armor plate.  He also sculpted details on the Assault Cannon cowling (see below).

Here is a good shot of all the work done to this Land Raider Crusader. Jkin used many styles and techniques that blend together into a very good looking vehicle that any gamer would be proud to own.

Above are better shots of some of the custom scrolling he did on the sides and rear panels.

Checkout the weathering work Jkin did here. Looks like someone drove though some serious business recently!

The Assault Cannon cowling was also customized with green stuff to match the rest of the ornate styling on the rest of the vehicle. I’m impressed! Anyone else wish their Land Raiders looked like this? -MBG

Jkin was also the mad converter that brought us the Stormtalon Helicopter, so be sure to checkout the rest of Jkin’s amazing conversions and paint jobs here!

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