Have You Seen the “Sack O’ Corpses” ?!!

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Checkout the latest from Secret Weapon Minis? For all you Zombie / Nurgle enthusiasts out there they have a great new product called the Sack O’ Corpses

These great parts will help you spread undead love around the table top, as well as some great new colored “fallen leaves to set the right mood for your models’ bases!

Courtesy of Secret Weapon Minis
Greetings fans, friends, and customers!

I am happy to say that the Sack O’ Corpsesis finally here!

We have plenty of them in-stock and ready to go, and you can get yours today!

We also have new bike/cavalry bases for “Asian Garden” and a 3 color set of our fallen leaves, which includes the brown, fall, and summer colors in 20ml bags.

Last, but not least, I want to invite you to join us on Facebook — the community there is very active, and often get a chance to see things before previews go up elsewhere.


Happy hobbying,

Justin “misterjustin” McCoy

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