Tyranids – How to Paint Maleceptor

By Rob Baer | November 5th, 2014 | Categories: News / Rumors, Tyranids

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Games Workshop put out a couple of Tyranids Movies today on the new big bugs.

The first is a showcase of the new kit, and the second is a how to paint feature the dulcet tones of Duncan Rhodes.

Waaagh Gaming.de fills us in below

Gw Movie Star Duncan shows us how it’s done

Fits to the Tyranid release, there is of course also a video in the us is shown as the Malecaptor of GW is painted.

First, there is a video where you can see the two new Tyranid monster in full size.

Then we come to the painting guide in video form.

As always, a good job of GW, keep it up.

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