Hobby Basics: Drybrushing Dem Models


Drybrush is the easiest form of highlighting in miniature painting, it’s super easy to do, and can be quite effective and striking when done right!

Your favorite Frenchie is back with another painting article for beginners.

Get ready for some serious knowledge-dropping:  drybrushing applying paint with a dry brush.  BET YOU DID NOT SEE THAT COMING.

In a more subtle way – and this is the only subtle thing about drybrushing trust me- you want to wipe most of the paint off your brush before you apply it to your model.  This will leave paint on the raised areas of the miniature only. Bam.  Highlighting done easy.



1-  Use an old and/or sturdy brush.  This process is really hard on brushes and will destroy them at a quick pace.

2- Although you can use GW Dry color range, any GW color except shades and glazes will work.  Bases are great.

3- Even if this method is 0-subtlety, you are better with 2-3 light passes where you don’t apply enough paint rather than one coat too heavy, as this will ruin your effect.

4- Surfaces with a lot of depth tend to work better.  Rocks, sand, chainmail, fur, hair and so on.  As you’ll see in the example, it works on flat surfaces too.

Here’s the ” Do it at home part ”

What you’ll need:

Model with a suitable Basecoat

A color lighter than said Basecoat

Paper Towel / Ex-GF T-Shirt

Trusty beaten down Brush

So basic example first, Bobby-Ray the Dark Angel, with his big hand painted Caliban Green.

Warpstone Glow.

1- Wipe your brush loaded with warpstone glow until each stroke of the brush looks like the top of the paper towel.  This is important, too much paint and the effect will be ruined.

2- Brush that on your model.

3- Repeat step 1 &2 until you are happy

20141124_133159 20141124_133257

I was not quite happy with Bobby Ray, so I added Moot Green.  Don’t clean your brush between colors ( as you need your brush to be dry).  Repeat steps 1 and 2, only with less paint on your brush, and by focussing on parts where you want the striking green to go.

20141124_133318 20141124_133348

BAM! Right in the kissah!

Another great use to drybrush is simple mettalics.  Gold, silver and bronze become easy and striking when drybrushed over black.

Step one, black.  Step 2, Runefang Steel.  There is no Step 3.  ( I only did one lasher tendril on the picture to show you what it looks like before )

20141124_133127 20141124_133137

And here’s a Daemonette, primed with Army Painter Skin Colored Primer, then drybrushed white.


You could leave your daemonette like that, obviously, or add a pink ( as shown ) or purple or turquoise wash on your model for more simple contrasts.


And voila!  How to Drybrush – Drybrush away young soldier!

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