How To – 4 Easy Steps to Painting Skarbrand the Exile

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Checkout my latest tutorial on how you can learn to paint Skarbrand the Bloodthirster in just a few easy steps!

Hello everyone Josh here from Dark Matter Designs with another painting tutorial. Today were going to learn how to paint skarbrand to start with you will need to go ahead and prime the model with black primer.

Now for the first step you will need to paint the skin to do that you will need these colors.

1. Khorne Red
2. Mephiston Red
3. Carroburg Crimson
4. Evil Sunz Scarlet

Start by laying down a nice basecoat of khorne red. Then you will need to drybrush all the muscles with mephiston red. After that wash the whole thing with carroburg crimson. Wait until the wash is fully dry then apply another drybrush of mephiston red. Now to finish off the skin do one more drybrush of with evil sunz scarlet.



Well be doing the gold next for this you will need these colors

1. Retributer Gold
2. Nuln Oil
3. Liberater Gold
4. Runefang steel

This is probably the most difficult part of the model as the gold details are everywhere. Take your time and go around the model putting down a basecoat of retributer gold over all the details you want gold. Once your base coat is done wash it in nuln oil. Now highlight all the edges and raised parts of the gold with liberater gold leaving all the recess’s dark. Finally edge it one more time with runefang steel.



This next step will be doing is the bone you’ll need these colors

1. Rakarth flesh
2. Agrax Earthshade
3. Ushabti Bone

To start the bone put down a nice basecoat of Rakarth flesh. Follow this with a wash of agrax earthshade. Once the wash is dry apply another layer of rakarth flesh leaving the bone darker in the recess’s and where it comes out of the skin. You can stop there for the horns coming out of the head. For the teeth and the rest of the bones highlight it one more time with ushabti bone. I also did the tounge at this point by basecoating naggaroth night and then highlighting it with daemonette hide.



Now all thats left is the details. I will go over the colors I used for these as I do them as there are to many to list. First you should finish the eyes this was done by doing macragge blue base followed by dotting the eyes with bahharoth blue. I did a tattered flesh look to the wings, you can achieve this by drybushing the webbing with squig orange followed by an even lighter drybrush of kislev flesh. Then do the axes apply a basecoat of leadbelcher to the axe head and retributer gold to the ornate parts. After that wash the whole axe in nuln oil. Then rehighlight the axes using runefang steel for the head and liberater gold for the ornate parts. Once thats done wash one axe head with carroburg crimson and the other with druchii violet. Lastly the base I used a combination of rhinox hide, gorthor brown, and zandri dust for the ground.





Well thats it for now I hope you enjoyed painting along and as always HAVE FUN!!!

Dark Matter Designs

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