Is This The Coolest D&D Game Room Ever?

By Rob Baer | December 18th, 2015 | Categories: Offbeat


Come see what one gamer couple built to host their weekly games of Dungeons and Dragons. Is this the game room we’ve all been looking for?

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The Ultimate Game Tavern

This past weekend my wife and I officially opened the Game Tavern to our family and friends. After six months of design and construction we are left with a place of warmth and camaraderie to game in. I wanted to share some pictures with everyone because we are very proud of the Game Tavern.

Two very dear friends of ours are the architects of this beautiful game room. So have a seat and let me pour you a frothy tankard while you take a look around!

DSCN1632 DSCN1558 DSCN1547

Visit the Game Tavern

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