Painting Red Hot FIRE – Fyreslayer Brazier Tutorial

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Fyreslayers Fire Effect

Howdy painters!  Today we’re going to look at a fun simple way to paint the fire braziers on the new Fyreslayer Hearthguard Berzerkers.

The goal of this guide is to provide a way for anyone to get their fire effects looking great both on the table and up close, without requiring a ton of technical understanding.

STEP 1 - Base With Averland Sunset

STEP 1 – The fiery bits are base coated with Averland Sunset. I thin this with a quick drop of water and then 1-2 drops of Future Floor Wax to get a thin clean application. The Floor wax breaks the surface tension so you get a very smooth finished application.

Allow this to dry *completely*.

STEP 2 - Fuegan Orange

STEP 2 – Once the Averland Sunset base has dried completely, use Fuegan Orange on roughly 75% of the fiery parts, making sure to leave the yellow untouched near the brazier.

Again, let this dry completely, you don’t want the colors to mix at all.

STEP 3 - Nuln Oil

STEP 3 – I added a couple small highlights of Yriel Yellow on the yellow parts near the brazier, and then I added Nuln Oil to the 50% opposite of the Averland Sunset.

This will dry somewhat thinly and you’ll wind up with a dark orange.

STEP 4 - Nuln Oil

STEP 4 – Continue to add Nuln Oil shade to the final 25% of the fires tip, you want this area to be the darkest. Because of the way the shade will dry you will get this really dark almost black/grey color, but it’ll be very flat matte which looks kinda smokey.

STEP 5 - Highlight with Yriel Yellow and Flayed One Flesh

STEP 5 – I used a little bit of Flayed One Flesh to add little wifts of tan smoke to the fire, and then I added just a little bit more Yriel Yellow to complete the look.

Let this dry and perhaps toss a matte varnish on it so it doesn’t get scratched/scuffed with handling and gameplay.


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