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Looks like there’s a new Techmarine walking into the 40k Universe and they look sick! Checkout these highly detailed models!

Some new highly detailed models from Hitech Miniatures look amazing and will be prefect for a new Techmarine.

Source: Hitech Miniatures

NoeProspector Virgilius (28mm): 18,00€


28mm scale miniature

This is high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and for smooth assemble model ;basic modelling skills required

Multipart (12 parts) 28mm scale miniature

37mm feet to the eyeline dimension.

1) Body 2) left arm with gun 3) right arm 4) halberd 5) mechanical arm 6) mechanical arm7)  8) mechanical arm  9) gripper 10) tongs 11) burner 12) 40mm scenic base

40mm Scenic base included

NeoProspector Kadmon (54mm): 40,00€


This is high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and for smooth assemble model basic modelling skills required

Multipart ( 14 pieces) 54mm scale  miniature.

Feet to the eyeline dimension 60mm.

Hitech Miniatures has done it again and these models look so sick! Head over to Hitech Miniatures and grab them today! While you are there make sure to check out everything else they have to offer!

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