How to Magnetize Your New Imperial Knight

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Magnetizing Imperial Knights

The winds of Chaos are blowing and they are beckoning us to return! If your playing Choas Come see how to magnetize your new Knight titan!

I’ve heard the call and have decided to build my forces back up focusing on the awesome Renegade Knights. I’ve been wanting to redo my forces with a focus on the Death Guard color scheme for some time and this was the perfect excuse. Sold my old Nurgle themed Knight, picked up some Renegade Knight boxes and went to work. Thought I’d share some of the process that went into magnetizing these bad boys…

Bottom Torso

Bottom Toros

Magnets: ¼ x 1/16
I kept the nob on the bottom half intact and glued the magnet directly to it. Making sure it would still fit in the opening under the upper body component

Top Torso

Top Torso

Magnets: ¼ x 1/16
I took a piece of sprue and cut it to fit within the bottom of the Knight (about 1 ¾ long piece). Glued it in with some plastic glue and then after that dried, added some super glue for more support. I then attached the magnet to the bottom torso with some glue added. Put the top piece on the bottom piece so I could have the magnet touch the sprue bit.

Arms-to-Weapons Connection

Arms to Weapon Connection

Magnets: 5/16 x 1/16
After gluing the arm components together, I cut the knob off using a hobby saw. I realized after doing some dry-fitting of the magnets that I needed just a little bit of space under the magnet to have a better connection so I cut a piece of plastic card and put it between the magnet and the model (that’s the white part in the photo)

Weapon-to-Arm Connection

Weapons to Arms Connection

Magnets: 3/8 x 1/16
Before gluing together the top parts (pieces #20 and #21), you can fit a magnet in the top. No need to use a sprue or anything else to hold a magnet. Now this is a TIGHT fit, so using a hobby knife and file to smooth out the insides will help a lot for a tighter fit. But it will work!

Carapace Weapons – Carapace Underside

Carapace Weapons - Underside

Magnets: 3/8 x 1/16
Smooth out the bit of plastic on the underside of the carapace and attach a larger magnet here. Since I was using the 3/8 size on the guns, they worked here as well.

Carapace Weapons – The Weapons

Carapace Weapons: Weapons

Magnets: 5/16 x 1/16
I smoothed out the bottom of the connecting pieces and glued on a 5/16th size magnet for both the missile launcher and autocannon Perfect fit and sits nicely on the top of the knight.

Shoulder Guns – Body Mount

Shoulder Guns: Body

Magnets: 1/8 x 1/16
For part 99 (the U shaped bit with a straight end), I cut it off where the straight part starts to connect to the U shape. I attached a 1/8th size magnet to the straight end and glued in the piece like normal to the body

Shoulder Guns – Weapons

Shoulder Guns: Weapons

Magnets: 1/8 x 1/16
I glued on the U shape portion of part 99 to the guns and then put another 1/8 size magnet on top.

Bonus: Tubes for Weapons

Magnets: NONE!
I’ve seen quite a few tutorials working with magnets on the Battle / Thermal cannons. But instead, I came across this trick using telescoping plasticard tubing instead (right here on Spikey Bits)! So much less headache and works great!

And here we are, a fully magnetized Imperial Knight….

All Done!

Hope you find some of this useful for your next Imperial Knight build (even if it isn’t devoted to the Gods of Chaos).


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