AoS Disciples of Tzeentch Artifacts & Abilities REVEALED

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tzeentchNew powers and artifacts for the Disciples of Tzeentch have surfaced. Come take a look at what’s in store for your Tzeentch units.

BoLS has the goods again on the new spells and Artifacts from the new Disciples of Tzeentch battletome from Games Workshop.

First off checkout the table of contents:

Chaos Battletome Content

Now the new Artifacts and abilities:


DOT artefact 1

There are also 2 more charts for Daemonic gifts for your daemon armies. Here’s one to give you a taste: Secret-eater lets you enhance your Destiny dice pool. This is a common theme for the entire book, with several items, spells, and Battalion abilities that reinforce the Destiny Dice pool mechanic.

This is going to be a huge game changer for any army with a Tzeentch allegiance. The destiny dice can be used to manipulate your fate in many different ways. The Tzeentch allegiance has the Masters of Destiny ability allowing them to roll 9 dice at the start of the game and set them aside for later use. So being able to add one to your Destiny Dice pool every time a hero is slain with this weapon is going to be a nice tactical advantage.


DOT spell 1

The book next turns to two news magic lores, for mortal and daemonic armies, the Lore of Fate and the Lore of Change.  Each of these has 6 new spells and any Wizard in your army gets to select one in addition to any they have on their warscroll. You will want all the different spells you can get as Lords of Change, Fateweaver, Gaunt Summoners and Curselings can cast 2 per turn. Treacherous Bond is a sample power from the Lore of Fate that has some tricksy uses.

With a magic heavy army you’re going to want to keep your wizards alive as long as possible. Treacherous Bond does just that. It has a casting value of 6, allows you to pick a unit within 18″ of the wizard, and in turn the wizard, on  a 2+ whenever the caster suffers an unsaved wound or mortal wound, can give the bonded unit the wound or mortal wound instead.

Allegiance Abilities:

DOT command

As usual with Age of Sigmar Battletomes you get Command Traits for your General. Disciples of Tzeentch has three charts for Arcanites, Daemons and Mortals.

With every Allegiance in Age of Sigmar you’re going to get special Allegiance Abilities. You’ll roll a D6 and follow the rules on the table provided. The Tzeentch Daemons Command Trait is pictured above, and is geared towards magic bonuses and overall endurance.

For the Tzeentch players out there this is some great information to have, this is definitely a caster heavy army. If you’re not a Tzeentch player, it may be time to load the birdshot into your shotgun, because open season is about to start.

In case you missed it yesterday, Tzeentch also received new Battallions and Warscrolls!

The new Tzeentch Warscrolls are already available on the Age of Sigmar app for your phone or tablet.
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