3 Secret Tricks To Making Icicles For Your Snow Bases


Sorin, painting team leader from Top Miniatures Painting Studio, is going to show you how start making icicles for your snow themed bases.

For a better understanding and visualization of the process i recommend you to watch the video from the end of this post. And be sure to head over and check out Top Miniatures Painting Studios.

You’re going to need: 2 clippers, 1 candle that you can put on the table, sandpaper or files, glue, and a couple of GW transparent flying stands.

First thing you’re going to do is to light the candle and grab one of the flying stands in a clipper and hold it over the flame of the candle, while movilg it around a little bit to avoid it catching fire.

After 30-60 seconds the flying stand will start to bend, so you will need to grab it with the second clipper by the other end and start stretching it so it will form a thin line in the middle.

Once the thin part in the middle will dry, you can release it and you can start cutting it into small parts with the clipper to create the individual icicles.

After that you can get from 2 up to 5-6 icicles from a single flying stand, depending how long and thin you want them to be

Now, you can start sanding their edge to create a natural sharp look and glue them to some parts of the bases (edges of high rocks, ruins, etc.) to create the impression of them hanging off the high areas

After gluing the first one you can add the rest, which can be bunched up together to form clusters of icicles, or spread around. If you want to create that foggy look on them you can spray a coat of matt varnish over, so they will become opaque. Here are some examples of the icicles we have made!

If you want to understand it better i suggest you to watch the video on Top MIniatures’ YouTube channel. We’ll have more tutorials coming up soon on basing and painting techniques!

If you want to see more tutorials, galleries of Top Miniatures’ work and prices for commission painting, check them out on their website www.topminiatures.com 

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