Undead Tzeentch Daemon Converted Army

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fateweaver sm hor walThe Changer of Ways flaunts his power to counter even the most powerful adversary: Death. Risen from beyond the crypt, these forces of Chaos reign supreme!

The Wobbly Modelers are at it again, creating mischief and mayhem through their amazing new conversions. These undead Daemons of Tzeentch bring your Chaos armies fresh new “life”.

The first conversion featured is the Fateweaver, using Mortarchs of Nagash bits. The Fateweaver shows off its new, corpse-inspired flare with a skeletal rib cage, great vertebrae detailing, a tattered cape, and lots of green stuff to create new detail and flare.

Then, Magnus the Red flys in with a great conversion using the amazing Age of Sigmar model Nagash, wings from the Terrorgheist, green stuff, and other great details to create a fantastic and unique centerpiece for any Tzeentch battleforce. This new for for the Primarch will strike terror into the hearts of those who oppose him on the field for sure!

The new Lord of Change emerges from a crypt, undead and ready for battle. With leathery wings and some soul burning green stuff fires, it escapes the bounds of death to wreck havoc on the field of battle once more.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a couple of Daemon Princes of Tzeentch, cunningly converted from the Age of Sigmar Morghast Archai and Harbingers. These amazing models will spread the will of Tzeentch himself across the battlefield with minor updates via green stuff and some extra bits added.

Inspired to give your Tzeentch models a new look? Check out these, and get inspiration for other amazing conversions to bring new “life” to your models on the Wobbly Modelers’ Facebook page.

Check out the whole video below for more details and views of these fresh new looks!

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