$200 Death Guard Codex: Limited Edition Review

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Check out all the Nurgle-ly extras that come in the $200 Death Guard Limited Edition codex box set that brings extra blight to all collectors!

Only 1250 Collector’s Editions for the Death Guard Codex were released (in English, unsure how limited in other languages the release was), retailing for $200 and exclusively for online ordering. The Collector’s Edition comes in a custom Nurgle-blessed box with a poster, the book, and game aids. To see the entire video, scroll down and press play on the video below!

The box itself is very sturdy with the symbol of Nurgle gracing the front and embossed pitting plus raised edges on the back, seemingly like the side of a Rhino. The box feels very secure so it should last a while with a great Mortarion inset. Attached to the box is a ribbon on the bottom to help pull everything out and prevents items within the box from getting damaged due to putting it away and pulling out via hand.

The book itself is made of higher quality materials than the normal codex and is definitely heavier. The binding is made of thicker material than the box, similar to faux canvas, and has the same embossed details as the box did. Inside includes the limited edition number, the same motif inside the cover as on the inside of the box cover. The pages have a foil edge to give a special feel with a darker palette. There is also a ribbon bookmark.

The poster has all 7 great plague companies plus information on the different wars. The material is in the book, but the double sided poster has a great way to have a quick look. The second side has a fantastic color picture of Mortarion himself. The poster is made from a good, sturdy, thick material.

Lastly, the box contains 6 brass-etched coins for the in-effect psychic abilities, psychic cards, and a triangular counter. The cards are rather thick with fantastic graphic quality and are larger than the data cards that come in a deck. The coins are metal with great aging on them, labeled with each psychic ability they associate with or effect. The dial keeps track of command points, turns and victory points. It is thick and is a great themed way to keep track of the game. The cards and dial seem to be made of the same material.

The actual codex is $40, while this bundle is $200. The limited edition does look fantastic for all Nurgle fans. With the poster, dial, coins, box and cards, is the special edition worth the extra $160? Let us know in the comments!

Be sure to press play on the video below to see the entire preview of the Death Guard Codex Collector’s Edition!

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