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Check out all the new Codex: Adeptus Custodes reveals for points costs and gear load outs that were just spotted inside the new book!

It has been a week rich with information concerning the upcoming Codex: Adeptus Custodes. First off we had Games Workshop’s Twitch preview Thursday with tons of rules previews and more. And now thanks to winters SEO’s review, we now have more information regarding the points costs and gear load outs for the Adeptus Custodes. This is an expensive force and will be best suited as an allied force. If you do decide to try and take a battalion detachment, you will be able to field at least 27-28 models for 2,000 points with the cheapest load out possible.

This article includes all the new and updated information we have gathered from Winters’ review. Our previews coverage is below in case you missed them:


  • Custodian Guard w/ Guardian Spear costs 52 points each. They cannot equip axes. So, a unit of 3 Custodian Guards is 156 points.
  • Shield Captain w/ Guardian Spear costs 122 points. He has 6 wounds, Toughness 5. Friendly Custodes units within 6″ of him can re-roll hit rolls of 1. A Shield Captain on a Dawneagle jetbike will cost 160 points and have 7 wounds and Toughness 6. In Allarus Terminator Armor, he will have 7 wounds and Toughness 5.
  • Trajann Valoris costs 250 points. He has 7 wounds, STR 5, Toughness 5. He has a 3+ invulnerable save and friendly Custodes units within 6″ of him can re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1.
  • Vertus Praetors have STR 5, Toughness 6, 4 wounds. They cost 90 points each and come with hurricane bolter and interceptor lance. You can have a salvo launcher replace the hurricane bolter to bring the total cost to 105 points. They have 4 attacks. A unit of three bikes is 270 points.
  • Interceptor Lance: STR +1, -3AP, D3 Damage. You can re-roll failed wound rolls made with this weapon on the turn the bearer made a successful charge.
  • Custodian Wardens are elites and clock in at 61 points with guardian spear or 64 points with castellan axe. They have 4 attacks.

Adeptus Custodes Wal Hor

  • Guardian Spear stats have not changed and are still 12 points.
  • Allarus Terminators have Toughness 5, 4 wounds, and 4 attacks. They cost 84 points each. The castellan axe has the same shooting stats as the guardian spear. In melee, it has STR +3, -2AP, D3 Damage. Their grenade launcher option has a 12″ range, Assault D3, STR 4, -3AP, 1 Damage. A unit of 3 Allarus Terminators is 252 points.
  • Vexilla Praetor in Terminator Armor costs 100 points at base. Standard Vexilla Praetor is 80 points.
  • Storm shields cost 10 points, up from 5. Only Guard can equip storm shields. If they take a storm shield then they must equip a sentinel blade. The sentinel blade costs 9 points.
  • Misericordia is 4 points and it grants an extra attack. It is User STR, -2AP, 1 Damage.

What are your thoughts on the Adeptus Custodes points costs and gear? Are you going to be playing this army when the new Codex comes out? Let us know in the comments below.

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