Wizards Continues To Keep MTG Players Safe

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Wizards of the Coast is continuing to keep players safe, and this time they’ve banned a judge that was on the registered sex offenders list. Come find out the latest.

Wizards of the Coast is all about making a safe environment for their players in the Magic community, and they do not take sex offenders lightly. Let’s take a look at their latest announcement on the banning of one their judges, and the updated Terms and Conditions to help protect from it happening again.

Section 5b: To protect players of all ages, to the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to conduct background checks to meet your obligations under Section 15 on your Staff as well as those you engage with that interact with the public

Section 5h: You will refrain from violating the WPN Code Conduct and you agree to display in your Retail Store and/or Event Locations, player and community policies as designated by Wizards from time to time.

Section 15: You will not employ or otherwise engage Staff or other individuals who interact with the public on your behalf who (i) appear on a sex offender registry (or its international equivalent), and/or (ii) have been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction for a violent sexual offense or a crime against children.

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Recently, a few former judges and players had their sex offender registries posted to social media. In accordance with our policy, the majority had already had their access to Magic organized play suspended indefinitely, and are not active in the Magic community.

We learned, however, that an individual reported to the Judge Conduct Committee was inadvertently not decertified by Magic Judges nor reported to Wizards. You can read more about that here. However, once this was brought to our attention, Wizards immediately coordinated with Magic Judges—an independent community-run organization that operates and manages the judge community and its Judge Conduct Committee—to address the situation. That individual has now been indefinitely suspended as a player and the Magic Judges decertified the individual’s status as a Magic judge. When Wizards learns that a DCI member or a Wizards Play Network (WPN) retailer is on a sex offender registry, we take immediate action to remove them from organized play and our promotional programs. We have a zero-tolerance policy. Sex offenders have no place in the Magic community.

As part of our commitment to safe and inclusive spaces, tournament organizers and retailers will be explicitly required to conduct background checks for all staff (as permitted by applicable law). This includes CFB Events’ Grand Prix, local store events like Friday Night Magic, and professional events like the Pro Tour and World Magic Cup as well as convention play run by Wizards.

We remain committed to working with tournament organizers, local game stores, and the Magic community to foster safe and inclusive environments. The proper channels for reporting misconduct are as follows: report judge misconduct to the Judge Conduct Committee at [email protected], and retailer or player misconduct to [email protected].

Wizards of the Coast has been doing all they can to create a hobby safe place for the Magic community, and they have a zero-tolerance policy towards sex offenders. They even went as far to say that sex offenders have no place in the Magic community. The judge that was reported to the Judge Conduct Committee has since been decertified as a judge and has been banned from the community.

Look for local gaming stores, and Wizards continuing to make their hobby safe for everyone that plays. What are your thoughts on the latest banning of the Magic judge? Let us know in the comments below.

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