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Codex Custodes PostGames Workshop just released a new FAQs for Codex: Adeptus Custodes. Come take a look at what’s changing in the new army.

We’re finally seeing the release of the FAQ for Adeptus Custodes. Let’s take a look at what Games Workshop had to clarify in the newest codex.

Q: Can Captain-General Trajann Valoris use his Moment Shackle ability to regain Command Points when a Stratagem is used during deployment?
A: Yes, provided Captain-General Trajann Valoris is on the battlefield when you use the Stratagem.

Custodes Moment Shackle

So, according to this one, Captain-General Trajann Valoris is able to use his Movement Shackle ability to regain D3 Command Points if you use a Stratagem during your Deployment phase, as long as he is on the battlefield when you use the Stratagem. Use that deployment Stratagem you’ve been contemplating spending those CP’s on early, and use Captain-General Trajann Valoris’ ability to get some of those points back, just hope for a 6.


Q: The choice of a vexilla for a Vexilus Praetor is made ‘when you add this model to your army’. Does a model count as being added to my army when I choose it as part of my army, or when I deploy it to the battlefield?
A: When you choose it as part of your army

We’re glad they cleared this one up because the wordage used could’ve been interpreted one of two ways. Instead, we now know that you must choose either a vexilla for a Vexilus Praetor when you add that model to your army, not during deployment. And, simply put, you make that choice when you build your list, and can not change it because you noticed something on the other side of the table from you.

Vexilus Praetors Custodes

Q: How many units can be set up near a Vexilus Praetor when using the Vexilla Teleport Homer Stratagem?
A: One unit each time the Stratagem is used.

Last but not least, the Vexilla Teleport Homer Stratagem only allows you to set up one unit near a Vexilus Praetor each time the Stratagem is used, and if you want to set up more than once you’re going to have to use this Stratagem again at a later time.

There are a couple more things on the Adeptus Custodes FAQ, so make sure you head on over and check it out for yourself. All in all, they seem like pretty fair changes, but the Adeptus Custodes are still a force to be reckoned with.

What do you think about the latest FAQ for the Adeptus Custodes? Do you like that Captain-General Trajann Valoris’ ability can be used during deployment? Does that mean other armies’ characters with similar abilities play the same way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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