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A video showing everything inside the covers of the upcoming Necron codex has just been spotted. Come take a look at what may be the new rules for Necron in 8th edition.

Games Workshop announced the upcoming codex release for the Necrons, and today we’re getting a look at a new video showing the entire Necron codex, but from another source.

This is coming on the heels of the first batch of preview pictures claiming to be from the new codex, which GW ended up confirming Sunday:

And, as if Forgbane itself weren’t already exciting enough news for Necrons fans, we can confirm that hot on its heels will be a brand new codex for the everliving legions arriving before the end of March. So you won’t have to wait long before your Necrons can benefit from a whole swathe of new rules, Stratagems and – for the first time ever – unique dynasty rules for the most powerful of the ancient empire’s armies. We’ll be previewing this new codex in-depth soon, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at the Dynastic Codes – powerful rules for customising your collection – to whet your appetite.

DynasticCode-Mephrit DynasticCode-Sautekh DynasticCode-Nephrekh DynasticCode-Nihilakh DynasticCode-Novokh


The latest preview video is from Super Wargamer and it shows us everything between the covers of the book. It’s a constant scroll, and he mentions that it is a “beta” version of the codex, but as we saw above some parts to match up with the Games Workshop confirmations from Sunday:

You can find it over on Super Wargamer’s YouTube channel, and if it isn’t there anymore it may have gotten taken down. It was viewable at the time this article was written.

This is a Beta Codex, some points might change slightly, but i don’t believe they will, have fun everyone

Here are some of the previous rules that were spotted for the Necrons, that have now all been credited to Super Wargamer:

Necron Tesseract Vault

Tesseract Vault is going to have 28 Wounds, a 3+ Save, Toughness 7, and a 4+ invulnerable. making it extremely hard to take down. The only weapon it has is a Tesla sphere which has a 24″ range, Assault 5, Strength 7, does 1 Damage, but it does cause 3 hits instead of 1 for each hit roll of a 6+.

Necron Tomb Blades

BIKES!!! Tomb Blades have the Biker and Fly keywords making them a very useful unit to have on the battlefield, and with a 14″ Move they’re going to be pretty quick at the same time. They’re no the most durable of units, but they definitely make up for it in their abilities and attacks like a -2 S5 shot!

Necron Transcendent Ctan

Transcendent C’tan is going to have an 8″ Move, 2+ WS/BS, Strength 7, Toughness 7, 8 Wounds, 4 Attacks, Leadership 10, a 4+ Save/Invulnerable Save. Its Crackling tendrils are going to be Melee only, but they had an AP -4 that are doing D6 Damage, and not to mention you’ll have the ability to pick a Fractured Personality ability before the battle. If you’re willing to try your luck though you can roll 2D6 before the battle to randomly determine two abilities and apply them both to this model for the duration of the battle.

Dynastic Codes Necron Codex pdf download 8th edition 40k rumors Necron CodexOverall it looks like the cat may be out of the bag for the new Necron book as this video has over 10,000 views seemingly in one day. Are you looking forward to these changes coming our way for the Necrons, if they are true?xenos codex

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