Top 3 FAQ Changes To the Drukhari: Breakdown

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The latest 40k FAQs have changed the meta of almost every army in the game, and the Drukhari is no exception. Come see our breakdown of the top 3 FAQ changes for the Drukhari.

Obviously, the biggest changes are of course the Rule of 3, and the new way “arriving from reinforcements” works vs units that start on an off the table; which is pretty much as clear as mud at this point between Pages 4 & 6 of the Rulebook FAQ vs. all the comments and posts by Games Workshop on their 40k Facebook page.

All that aside we can say with some certainty that these are the biggest changes to the Drukhari specifically in their FAQ:

Drukhari FAQ

First up, Talos and Cronos are going to be gaining the FLY keyword. This is going to be a big advantage for these guys, as they can’t be bogged down as anymore, and they’ll be T7 as long as they’re within 6″ of Haemonculus and have a good invulnerable save as well.

We’re also seeing a big change to one of their Warlord Trait/Stratagem combos.

Page 118 – Alliance of Agony
Add the following sentence:
‘You can only use this Stratagem once per battle.’

Drukhari FAQ

Second, only being able to use the Alliance of Agony Stratagem once is a huge clarification. Dark Eldar players were able to assign a Haemonculus and a Succubus each a Warlord Trait, then turn around and do it again. This could be crippling to an opponent, especially when you were able to give them the Soothsayer Warlord Trait to get D3 command points, and Labyrinthine Cunning Warlord Trait to get back CP’s over and over again. That has been changed now to only one per army looks like.

Editor’s note: that was a huge WAAC combo that we never actually saw anyone try ourselves… but it was theoretically possible…


Page 125 – Labyrinthine Cunning
Change the rules text to read:
‘Whilst your Warlord is on the battlefield, roll a D6 each time you or your opponent spends a Command Point to use a Stratagem; you gain one Command Point for each roll of 6.

3- Labyrinthine Cunning used to read “whilst your Warlord is alive” and they’ve changed that to “on the battlefield”. Never ending CP’s are a thing of the past, you’ll no longer be able to leave your Warlord off of the table and use this ability from reserve.

Codex Drukhari

Overall, these are some big changes (not counting the other myriad of rules changes) and it looks like Drukhari players, just like most other armies, are going to have to rethink their lists and strategies if they were trying to be more on the exploitive side.

What do you think about the latest Big 40k FAQ? Were these changes that needed to be made for the Drukhari? Or do you think it was too much and unjustified?

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