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Come see the Creos PS-289, one of the best airbrushes money can buy for miniature painting. The best part is you can get it for under $100!

Are you interested in airbrushing but on a tight budget and not sure where to start? Take a look at this fantastic and affordable airbrush to get started on your journey.

The GSI Creos Airbrush is by Mr. Hobby and available at Spray Gunner. It’s very affordable, easy to learn on, and a good point of entry for all beginner airbrush artists. Take a look at this quick overview then be sure to scroll down and press play on the video below to see the entire review!

Procon Boy PS-289 0.3mm Platinum $95

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Airbrush made in Japan (used to be Gunze).

Double action gravity feed airbrush with needle travel adjustment and built-in air valve.

Advanced universal airbrush for general tasks in modeling, illustration, and other airbrushing projects.

  • 4-part head system for perfect airflow and easy cleaning.
  • 0.3mm nozzle
  • 10 ml gravity cup
  • Handle with needle adjustment for better control
  • Air valve (MAC) for air pressure adjustment right on the airbrush
  • Air hose included.
  • Standard 1/8” connector will fit Iwata, Sparmax or Master airbrush hose, any standard 1/8” quick coupling can be used with this airbrush.

The PS-289 is a double action, gravity fed airbrush that comes with a 0.3mm needle, bit there are options for other needle sizes as well. While the markings on the back are in Japanese, there are English instructions. The brush comes in a plastic casing that helps to store or travel, though it is a little on the flimsy side.

A cool option that comes standard on this airbrush is a needle stopper on the back of the airbrush. Another bonus is that the parts are very similar to the Iwata in how things break down and are threaded on.

creos airbrush

The Creos has decent line control both with and without the spray guard. If you brush without the spray guard, you do have more opportunities to damage the needle so be careful! You can also swap between the Iwata spray guard if you prefer (or have an old Iwata you can steal it from).

The Air valve below the brush helps control how much air comes through the brush for different uses – fine detail and broad spraying.

If you are starting out airbrushing, all detail work and control requires practice. Overall, this is a fantastic airbrush and the air control helps tighten the spray pattern to hit those fine details on your models.

Take a look at other airbrush options available by Spray Gunner, including compressors, and check out the entire review by pressing play on the video below!

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