Too OP for 40k? Adeptus Custode Jetbike Showcase

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Everyone fields them for Imperials. Are the Dawneagle Jetbike Captain too OP for 40k in 8th Edition? We take a look in our latest hobby showcase!

Adeptus Custodes have exploded in popularity on the tabletops. Take a look at these fantastic models and some rules to go along with them.

Too OP for 40k? Adeptus Custode FW & Plastic Jetbike Showcase

Studio Spikeybits is showcasing some awesome Custodes bikes. These models are absolutely fantastic and, even at tabletop standard, look great. Take a look at this quick showcase then be sure to press play on the video below!

gyrfalcon jetbike Too OP for 40k? Adeptus Custode FW & Plastic Jetbike Showcase

Charging across the battlefield on heavily armoured Gyrfalcon pattern Jetbikes, Agamatus squadrons are tasked with hunting down threats to the main Legio Custodes force and destroying fleeing enemy units. Armed with powerful Lastrum pattern bolt cannon, they can annihilate enemy infantry and armour with surgical precision, their jetbikes augmented to provide tremendous bursts of speed on command.

These two bikes are absolutely fantastic models. These are the Gyrfalcon Jetbike from Forge World, and the Dawn Eagle Jetbike from Games Workshop. Both have good detail, though the Dawn Eagle has more detail. You can easily use both for games, and the Gyrfalcon is fantastic to utilize as Shield Captains because it looks so unique.

These are based on a flying system from Magnet Baron.

shield captain rules

The Shield-Captain on Jetbike has some great rules. The Misericordia is not particularly useful in most situations, so it’s not a good use of points to upgrade. He hits everything on 2+ and re-rolls hit rolls of 1 for himself and other Custodes within 6″. The Lance allows him to re-roll failed wound rolls on the charge, which is incredibly useful. They can do a lot of shenanigans, especially paired with other units of bikes. There are some very unique combos you can do with Stratagems as well.

These are super awesome models and are absolutely fantastic when painted. Be sure to check out the entire showcase to see the colors used to paint up these models and stratagems for combos by pressing play on the video below!

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