Don’t Be A Noob: Easiest Way To Base Your Minis

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We’re back again to talk to you about quick and easy basing techniques to get your models looking tabletop ready in no time.

If you’re new to the hobby and you’ve got most of your models still standing on those black plastic bases, take some time and check out a super fast way to add a whole new level of detail.

Don’t Be A Noob: Easiest Way To Base Your Minis

basing mini

We’ve all come across that model that we think is the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. We want to play it so bad, but can’t because we want to take our time and do everything right on it.

Or perhaps you’re completely new to the hobby and haven’t had any real experience making bases for your models. Well there’s a two-step method that takes all of 5 minutes to do.

Texture Paint & Pumice

texture paint

This is quite honestly the best basing stuff since sliced bread. It’s basically “Base in a Case”. You take something like a popsicle stick and scoop it out. Then lather it onto the base once your model is painted and glued.

GW sells their line of Citadel Texture paint on their site. But what can be better than this?

Vallejo Pumice, of course.

vallejo pumice

Miniature Market sells this for about $4 less than Amazon if you are here in the states.

You can get at least triple the paint over the Citadel texture pot and at half the cost per ratio. It works the same way too. Paint your model up the way you want it, glue it to the base, slap some texture paint on and spread it around. Try some Vallejo if you’ve got a bunch of models to plow through.

Amazon is a great place to grab it. Especially if you have Prime.  Give it overnight to dry and whenever you come back to hobby some more, hit it with a light dry brush to brighten the raised details.

The Proof is in the Pumice

Take a look at a basic basing that took one texture paint and a quick dry brush. No glue was used or any kind of other hidden hobby tricks.

basing hobby 2

basing hobby 1

basing hobby 3

basing hobby 4

Of course, you can always add rocks and tufts if you’d like. But if you need to get a chunk of your army tabletop ready for a tournament, this is a great start.

What style of basing do you prefer? Have you tried texture paints before?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Post.

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