RUMORS Orks Arriving Late in Orktober & Blackstone Fortress

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Better late than never when it comes to the Orks, as this latest rumor has them releasing in late OCT with Blackstone Fortress.

Spotted on DakkaDakka from a user going by Lord Kragan, he claimed that he got a tip from his LGS of what’s coming in the weeks ahead. Without any more delay, let’s check out everything that was said.

REMEMBER these are just rumors so take everything you read with a grain of salt. Most LGS have no idea what is coming out more than 7 days in advance.

RUMORS Orks Arriving Late in Orktober & Blackstone Fortress

speed freeks orks GW's Fall Release Roadmap? Grots, Orks, Rogue Trader & Primarchs

Lord Kragan’s post was spotted in an Ork/Speed Freeks rumor thread and had this to say:

My LGS informed me they got the preorders for next week.

And the Ork stuff is the following one (so on stores the 27th). Ah, and Blackstone Fortress apparently.

The context is a little weird here, but the thread was full of Speed Freeks and Ork-related rumors. From what we can gather, it sounds like his LGS got the preorders for Speed Freeks next week. Then the week after, Orks are supposed to hit in full force. It would make sense for the order of events to happen that way since Box Sets are usually released just a little bit ahead of time to increase the hype of things even more.

We know most of you were expecting “Orktober” to be a month of WAAAGHH! energy, but it looks like it’ll all be coming in the latter half of the month. Kragan also mentioned Blackstone Fortress in his post. So Blackstone might even be circling the release of the Orks codex as well.

What is Blackstone Fortress exactly? Well, not a whole lot is known.

Blackstone is a Part of Warhammer Quest

silver tower

Blackstone Fortress is under the “Warhammer Quest” title which means it’s under the same line of Silver Tower and Shadows of Hammerhal. The difference being of course that Blackstone Fortress is the first 40k-set game. If you know anything about the Warhammer Quest, it’s basically a small adventure-style board game where players will need to navigate through an area and hack their way through whatever is trying to stop them.

These games are designed to be opened up and played right out of the box without knowing much background knowledge of the universe or large tabletop game.

What we Know so Far

This is what was said in the Q&A’s at the GW Fall Preview revolving around Blackstone Fortress:

Warhammer quest: Blackstone fortress
First 40k Warhammer quest game

Blackstone fortress has 3 chaos marines in it

A Rogue Trader was talking in the Blackstone fortress video

3 new CSM models in Black Stone fortress box.  “Probably 7 more new models to make a new CSM boxed kit”.

Blackstone fortress loosely connected to a world as speed freeks and tooth and claw

Speed Freeks and Forgebane and Tooth and Claw all take place on the same planet.  Loosely connected to the story for Blackstone Fortress.

Our Thoughts on What’s to Come

Of course, all of the keywords in the pic are <REDACTED>, but it sounds like there’s a Rogue Trader out in the universe that’s going to check the truthfulness behind some rumors. Now, looking at the architecture of the “Fortress?” from the previews, it looks like a Pyramid, just like the bottom of that teaser image above.

Blackstone Fortress Preview:

blackstone fortress wal

We know most of your Ork players will get any bit of information you can about your favorite faction and we are hoping some solid previews start to turn up. Until then, we can only go off the rumors that are making rounds on the internet.

If the rumors are true, it seems a bit odd that GW would schedule a small side-project like Blackstone Fortress around the hype of the Ork codex. All of the new Ork support might eclipse Blackstone Fortress and will result in the game being overlooked.

What do you think about the rumors spotted this morning? Are you guessing we will see Speed Freeks preorders by next week? Is it a good idea to have Blackstone Fortress released right around the hype of all the Ork support?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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