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By Gothmog | November 27th, 2018 | Categories: Blood Angels, Conversions, Painted Figure Showcase, Warhammer 40k

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Come check out this awesome take on the most destructive Scion of Sanguinius, the Gallagher of 8th Edition 40k, Captain Slamguinius of the Blood Angels!

I finished up my version of the infamous Slamguinius. Captain Slam must be armed with a Thunder Hammer, a Storm Shield and pretty much the necessitates the Angel’s Wing for a Jump Pack, but he definitely needs a JP. You then spend a whole bunch of CP to turn him up to 11 and cook with Gasoline.

The concept of his use is simple- he is a Tactical Nuke. Point him at something you want to die. And it will.

My Slam is made from a Blood Angels Chaplain with a Deathwatch Helmet (with the =I= symbol filled in), Custodes Shield and Spear, Death Watch heavy thunder hammer head and BA Primaris blood drop tokens set into it. The base is made with the Green Stuff World Frozen Roller, Sculpy on MDF, Secret Weapon Snow, and GSW acrylic crystals.

Captain Slamguinius


Captain Slamguinius


Captain Slamguinius


Captain Slamguinius

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