BREAKING: More Genestealer Cult 40k Models & Terrain Revealed

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Warhammer New Years Open Day just revealed tons brand new models from the likes of which we’ve never seen! Check out the latest word on Genestealer Cult.

Coming from Games Workshop and Hobby Hero Garro, we’ve got a first-hand look at the newest models coming to the Cult. We’re getting closer and closer to their codex (GW has already confirmed they’d be next in line) and it looks like players are going to have plenty of options for characters to pick from.

Genestealer Cult Video Spotted

Humanity has always looked to the stars for enlightenment…

In the latest video of the Cult, there’s a woman that looks to be the figurehead of a Cult Rebellion. She’s giving a heck of a speech and you can actually spot some familiar faces in the preview.

gsc video preview 2

gsc video preview 3

The Cult decided to spring up from the ground and launch a full-on assault on what looks to be some random Imperial world. Of course, it’s all in the name of enlightenment.

gsc video preview 4

The Genestealer Cult only want to share the good word of the Tyranid Hive Mind to the rest of the galaxy’s population. The Cult’s end is to be absorbed by the Hive Mind and repurposed for more genetic material later down the line. But until then, they will convert as many followers into their Cult as they can.

gsc video preview 5

A new model was spotted in the video as well looking to be some kind of field medic for the Neophytes putting in the Tyranid-Lord’s work. He’s even got the classic Doctor’s coat so you know you can trust him with your life. This is just speculation, but we’re guessing he will give units around him some sort of Feel no Pain rule. (Bringing a single Neophyte back on a 4+ like a normal Apothecary is meaningless in an army like the Cult).

New Cult Models Previewed

All of the new models that were previewed actually look to all be characters…and there’s a bunch of them.

gsc previews 1

gsc previews 2

This time around, we’re bringing the upper echelons of the cults to life with a cast of new Characters. These are an unlikely pack of civilian revolutionaries – from freedom-fighting assassins to vox-hacking technicians who use cunning rather than brute force to help you claim victory for your cult

These characters are all so vastly different from each other, it looks like you’ll be able to run your army in more ways than one. We have no idea what the rules of these models will be exactly. However, we know that Cult models are cheap and Battalions are always a good thing. Stack up on HQs and Troops people!

gsc previews 3

gsc previews 4

This lady in red looks to be the new figurehead of the Cult. (Aside from the Patriarch, of course). Going off of guesswork, she’ll probably give some kind of aura to other units around her.

gsc preview 5

The same goes for the Vox Caster. He doesn’t exactly look like he’ll be going toe-to-toe with some melee units out there.

gsc previews 7

As for the Assassin model, he will probably be a fast, lethal character killer. The Primus is good at doing that already (Thanks to him always wounding on a 2+) and that’s not even his primary job. But now that the Cult are getting their own Assassin model, we feel like he will be a serious threat for characters that stick their neck out too far.

gsc previews 7


cult bikers

These bikes are actually called the Atalan Jackals with the Sniper character on Bike named the Jackal Alphus.

GSC Terrain: Tectonic Fragdrill

tectonic frag drill

Following the latest trend from GW, Genestealer Cult are also getting their own terrain piece. It’s called the Tectonic Fragdrill and we’re hoping it’ll allow for some kind of deepstrike shenanigans. (That’s what the army is about anyway).

tectonic frag drill 1

GW left us this quote which makes you think about what it’ll exactly be able to do on the table:

This massive industrial mining machine allows you to quite literally undermine your enemy’s best-laid plans:

What’s the Word on the Gunslinger Model?

gsc gunslinger

The Kelermorph is a gunslinging hero capable of cutting down enemy Characters in a blaze of high-calibre revolver fire

You may remember this model popping up unexpectedly as a part of a showcase from a few Warhammer Open’s ago. It turns out, he’s going to be a character found inside the Kill Team box coming later in the year.

gsc kill team

Genestealer Cult look to be under GW’s spotlight as we get ever closer to their full codex release. We’ve seen character after character get previewed for a while now. All we have left to do is keep our eyes peeled for their rules to eventually creep out from the shadows.

What do you think about the latest batch of Cult characters? Do you have a favorite model? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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