New Imperial Fists Space Marines 40k Rules SPOTTED!

By Wesley Floyd | September 18th, 2019 | Categories: Imperial Fists, News / Rumors, Primaris, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k

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A new Primaris Marine is on the way for the Imperial Fists as new rules were just spotted for the latest 40k Space Marine codex book.

Coming from Chapter Master Valrak on Youtube, it looks like we’ve got first sight of datasheet supplements for the Chapters of Dorn. Lysander and Pedro Kantor are mentioned, however, another new named character is getting the spotlight.

Imperial & Crimson Fists Points

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Starting off, we’ve got a rough look at the points for Lysander, Kantor, and a new character model, Tor Garadon. With Black Templars nowhere to be found, the earlier rumors of them appearing in a Box Set against Orks later down the road might have a bit more weight behind them now.

As for Lysander and Pedro Kantor, they look to be in the bracket of 130 and 150 pts respectively. Right now, they cost exactly 130 and 150 so we doubt a 1-9 pt increase would turn them Primaris. While they may not be turning Primaris, captain of the 3rd company Tor Garadon most certainly is! Check out the hotness on the way to the Fists.

Tor Garadon: The Next Primaris Character

imperial fist points supplement 2

Jumping into Tor Garadon, he’s a named Primaris character in Gravis armor coming to the Fists. He’s got the same basic stats as Gravis armor gives but with a whopping 7 wounds and 5 attacks (6 on the charge). He’s essentially a named Captain, letting everyone reroll 1’s around him. However, he’s also got a grav-gun instead of the normal boltgun that Gravis characters have. In addition, he’s got a spicy 3-flat damage power fist that DOES have a -1 to hit.

Being a named character, he has to have some special rules right? Signum Array, gives a unit within 3″ of himself a BS of 2+. This is something we first saw with the Iron Hands Malkaan Feirros. However, Siege Captain gives Garadon 1 bonus damage doing 4 a pop against buildings and vehicles. He’s the Imperium’s next Kool-Aid man for sure.

More Imperial Fists & Black Templars Codex Rumors

lightning effect power weapons black templars

Both being Chapters of Dorn, the Black Templars and Imperial Fists were mentioned in a fresh batch of rumors. Check out the latest.

Overall, this should be a welcome treat for any fans of Dorn aside from the Templars. That being said, those earlier rumors are what we should keep looking forward to as well. It just wouldn’t make sense for GW to ignore 1/3 of Dorn’s legacy. With all of this under our belt, what do you think about the new Primaris character?

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