Adeptus Titanicus is Worth Trying: Here’s Why!

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titanicus wal horStill curious about Adeptus Titanicus? Take this word from a player who’s taken a step into the game and why it’s worth trying now.

Adeptus Titanicus is a scaled-down version of massive god machine combat. It’s been seen by some in the community as expensive, but when you really boil everything down, you can spend about $350 on this game and have a full list. Whereas in 40k, some of y’all are spending upwards of $2,000 on a single army.

Plus now in 2020, it’s even easier to get started with the new $150 Starter box that has just enough to get playing fast!

adepticus titanicus starter set 2020

While the game at first was limited to only a few models, GW has been steadily injecting wargear and new Titans into the game almost every other month. The game is steadily growing so let’s break down all the angles of Titanicus!

The Game Has A Feel That 30k & 40k Can’t Capture

titanicus faq warhammer 40k horus heresyBeing a massive walker, it takes time to turn and fire your weapons. In-game, the bigger the model, the less mobile he is. Depending on what Titan you’re moving, sometimes they can only turn so far and move a certain amount of inches. After all, they are these massive god machines that can level entire city blocks with a single shot.

Titans don’t die like Knights do in 40k either. They come decked out with layers upon layers of void-shields and a bunch of tricks up their sleeve to keep all systems functioning. One of the neatest aspects of the game is that YOU feel like you’re piloting the Titan. You can delegate what gets repaired by your servitors, choose to try and bring your voidshields back, etc. And trust me. For the most part, it really takes a while for Titans to lay down and die in this game.

The Models Are packed With Detail & Motivate You For Better Painting

legio atarus 1

WIP Warlord

I jumped into the game going with Legio Atarus (or the Firebrands). These guys are cool but I won’t be getting into the rules. Looking at my Warlord, the model took me about two and a half hours just to put it together. And while his paint job still isn’t done, I’ve already dumped about five hours of painting into him alone. That may sound draining to some of you, but the game drives you to really take care of your models and go slow. Your games only have a handful of Titans anyway so you can spend a lot more time on a single model than you would in 40k. That being said, the Warlord is the centerpiece and you want him looking especially good.

warhoundAlso, some of you might think that the only way to do the armor paneling is with an airbrush. Well, I don’t have access to an airbrush and all of this was done with red and white primer, some Khorne red, Ushabti bone, a mix of washes, and a dream.

A Few Tricks You Can Do To Save Headache & Regret

legio atarus 2With more and more support getting pumped into the game, the wargear options on Titans are expanding. It’s a good idea to magnetize the weapons on all of your models. That way you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dropping another $100+ on a model you already own just to field some other kinds of firepower.

Luckily, GW did us a solid and made perfect magnet-sized holes in most of the weapon’s joints. The Reaver and Warhound are a little tricky, however. You have to clip a few pieces of plastic to have a flat surface for the magnet to sit…But nothing super crazy.

You Can Speed Up Your Hobby

Last but not least, with the models being 80% armor panels, you should avoid going insane when painting the trim and just get a set of metallic sharpies. I went with silver on this model and went back over it with an Agrax Earthshade pin wash to darken it a bit and it helped a ton. If you want to go for a Titan that looked like he walked right out of the dealership, don’t worry about the wash part.

play more titanicus 1

Overall, it’s strange to see that Titanicus is one of the most overlooked games GW has to offer. As I said earlier, the game’s upfront cost isn’t as high now, and it’s still only a fraction of what most 40k armies cost to play.

Plus, when you really think about it, each of these models is really just a more posable, higher-detailed Dreadnought-sized mini. And those go for about $60 on the market now. When you look at it that way, the pricing starts to become more reasonable (although GW has always been pricey).

After reading all this, have you decided to try and dip your toe into Titanicus? Do you have people at your LGS that play regularly? 

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