Top Imperial Guard Alternatives to GW’s MTO Models

Top Imperial Guard Regiment Alternatives to GW Victoria MiniaturesImperial Guard is about to be super hot with their new rules in Psychic Awakening. Check out Victoria Miniatures alternatives to GW’s MTO Guardsmen.

Victoria Miniatures has a large lineup of male and female Imperial Guard regiment models that make great alternatives to Games Workshop Take a closer look at the Tannenburg Fusiliers (not Mordians), Svargan Shock Soldats (not Valhallan Ice Warriors), and the Victorian Guard (not Praetorians).

Top Imperial Guard Alternatives to GW’s MTO Models

Victoria MiniaturesImperial Guardsmen are the backbone of the Imperium and it makes sense to treat them with some upgrades. Let’s inspect the line-up of troops available from Victoria Miniatures!

Victoria Miniatures

Svargan Shock Soldats $49.99

victoria minis svargan soldat


Victoria MiniaturesThe basic ten-model pack is standard for Victoria Miniatures. You can choose from 12 heads, including an officer or sergeant upgrade. These resin and modular troops come in male and female versions to suit your tabletop needs. The detail on the torsos and heads is very classy and looks great. These Svargan Shock Soldats come equipped with long coats, so a great winter theme can be applied to these minis in your army.

svargan shock mini femaleThere are also some dope female alternatives.

Victorian Guard $49.99

victoria minis victorian guard male

The Victorian Guard are a regal bunch of soldiers. Coming in a squad of 5 or 10, these troops come with various weapon upgrades, including bayonets! The Pith helmets look fantastic on these studly dudes and will give your army a distinctive gentlemanly flair. 
Victoria Miniatures


victoria minis victorian guard femaleThey also make classy lady Victorian Guard as well!

Tannenburg Fusiliers $49.99

victoria minis tannengburgThe Tannenburg Fusiliers are another squad from Victoria with some fantastic uniforms. These soldiers come in a firing line formation with officer support in tow.  Their ceremonial dress caps are a great way to test out your painting skills on these humble yet brave troops. Victoria Miniatures


victoria minis tannenburg female

Tannenburg Fusilier Females

If you are looking for alternate options for your Imperial Guard soldiers, check out Victoria Miniatures. Their minis seem to be on par with some of the higher-end model companies like Forge World, and make great alternatives to GW’s old pewter Guard regiments!

Get Yours From Victoria Miniatures

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