GW Confirms New Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

40k ninth edition 9thThe rumors were true!  9th Edition 40k is here as GW has just confirmed an update to the rules of Warhammer 40k today along with a new cinematic trailer.

The BIG online 40k GW Preview is are here! Most likely rescheduled from the canceled Warhammer Fest at the beginning of May, Games Workshop is revealing their latest news and previews on Twitch and Warhammer Community today!

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warhammer 40k preview online

Sure, we’ve seen a few teasers about new 40k here and there over the past weeks, however here’s the latest straight from GW now! In case you missed it, let’s go over the news leading up to the big reveal!

Previous New Necrons & 9th Edition 40k Release RUMORS

fulgrim daemon wal hor chaos rumors games workshop primarchComing from Sete on B&C, he had this to say:

The following are rumours so apply salt accordingly.

  • September a new edition will drop and Necrons will be the new bad guys in the block.
  • Some finecast units might get redone, I think the flayers were brought up.
  • There are rumours of a new Necron codex as well for 9th.
  • A new edition cycle will begin, so ya know what to expect, we have been trough this for a few times now.

Now there are a few key things to talk about from this rumor. For starters, it’s looking like September of this year is when we would see a new edition. Although, with the current global crisis we all face, we’re almost positive that the timeframe is considered “fluid”. We may see unexpected delays in a new edition drop assuming these rumors are true, of course. 

Current Events Make These Necron Rumors Look Solid

psychic awakening pariahAs for Necrons being the new bad guy on the block, it’s definitely looking that way in Psychic Awakening currently. So far, we know an Inquisitor led a party of Imperial soldiers to uncover some machinations that Illuminor Szeras has been up to.

We don’t know the full magnitude of what kind of schemes the Necrons have been up to. However, it would be so easy for GW to make them a lore superpower if they decided to start waking up Tomb Worlds left and right. As far as Necrons go, life has only ever seen the tip of the iceberg.

necron flayed onesFrom a tabletop standpoint, it would also make sense/be dope if Necrons got the spotlight for a few months. According to Nemesis Tyriks on B&C, Necrons have only gotten three new plastic kits since 5th edition. (Obviously, we have the Seraptek Construct which is nice), but we know Primaris gets about three new kits every year…Some support for the Necrons on the level of when GW first introduced Primaris into 8th edition would probably be welcome even for players who don’t play Necrons. This also ties in with the part of the rumor that old finecast models would be getting updated with new plastic counterparts.

It’s About Time For a Reboot

Necron CodexFinally, Necrons were mentioned to be getting a new codex. With GW following the normal cycle that they’ve been doing, it would be about time for Necrons to get an update. Necrons were one of the earlier factions to get a codex in 8th edition and when the book dropped, it was decently powerful.

However, power creep has definitely not gone away in 8th edition and GW has already gone over Space Marines and Chaos with 2.0 codexes, which makes Necrons a good candidate to get a new book.

What’s a better way to give a faction a new book than to start off a new edition with them?

Is that a new Logo!?

9th ed new logo

You bet your bippy it is! Oh boy, it is different, but it looks a little cleaner. The perfect herald for a new era in 40k gaming.

Early 9th Edition Q&A

This is floating around the webs right now, however, it has not been confirmed as coming from GW at this time. But it looks like it goes along with what they have been revealing previews wise.

9th Q&A

There is some great news here! First off, all the codexes will still work, including all the recent campaign books! All of the models will continue working as well. At first, you may be nervous about a new edition and waiting for your rules. but luckily it looks like they are really trying to make the new transition as seamless as possible.


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What do you think about a new edition? Are you worried about the transition? Are you excited for some fixed rules?

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