New Primaris Indomitus Units 40k Rules, Points, & Sprues!

40k ninth edition 9th wal horIndomitus is coming loaded with all kinds of new Space Marine Primaris goodies- let’s take a look at their points, rules, and more!

9th Edition is being kicked off with a box set coming packed with Primaris units. From rules to sprues and now, a clear picture of points, it’s all here below! Let’s jump into the latest.

New Primaris Indomitus Units 40k Rules, Points, & Sprues!

Indomitus box armiesDiving into the power armor, here’s what the Space Marines have going for them.

Primaris Captain


primaris captain white


Primaris Captain sprue


primaris captain datasheetThis Captain is probably going to be a big hit. His biggest weakness is the lack of mobility. However, with a couple of these guys in your ranks, you’ll have a solid speedbump unit that your opponents will be forced to dedicate resources to. He’s only T4 but with the newly redesigned shield rules, he’ll have a 2+/4++ FNP vs. Mortal Wounds and a 4+ Inv from the Iron Halo. Plus, with six attacks going into the first round of combat, he’s capable of soloing a whole unit of Intercessors by himself.

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Primaris Lieutenant

Primaris Lieutenant white


primaris lieutenant sprue


primaris lieutenant datasheetBringing in another character with a storm shield, this is the best-equipped Primaris LT we’ve ever seen. He’s sporting a brand new ranged weapon and comes with a 2+/4++ and a two-damage power sword. He’s outclassing every other Primaris LT out there.

Primaris Chaplain

Primaris Chaplain white


primaris chaplain sprue


primaris chaplain datasheetFrom what we can tell from the awkward placement of that post-it, the only difference between this Chaplain and the current Primaris Chaplain is that the Absolver Bolt Pistol is getting +2″ of range and +1 Damage. In addition, the Crozius Arcanum he’ll be cracking heads with is now +2 Strength.


Judiciar white


Judiciar sprue


Judiciar statsOn the Judiciar, we can see the updated Absolver Bolt Pistol profile once again. As a quick synopsis for this guy, he looks like the Loyalist equivalent to the Master of Executions. All of his rules are centered around doing damage in combat, getting a better Save in combat, and picking out an enemy unit forcing them to fight last.

He’s a solid dude to seed into your force although once again, his big weakness is mobility.

Bladeguard Veterans

Bladeguard Veterans white


Bladeguard Veteran sprue


Bladeguard Veterans statsStarting with the Bladeguard Veterans, these guys are coming with storm shields and power swords to get down and dirty in close combat. Take a look at the change to the storm shield rules. Instead of a 3++ invuln, it’s +1 Armor Save and a 4++ invuln.

Bladeguard Ancient

Bladeguard Ancient white


Bladeguard Ancient sprue


Bladeguard Ancient statsThe Bladeguard Ancient is a new type of banner-bearer with an updated Banner rule. You still roll a 4+ after a model dies to see if they fight. However, you only do it AFTER the enemy is done attacking that unit within the banner’s range. That way, there’s no interruption in the shooting/fight phase to let a dude roll a 4+, creating weird math subtracting attacks from the opponent’s unit because the guy that attacked out of sequence killed a dude…You see how convoluted that could get.

In addition, the Bladeguard Ancient will REALLY be a nice bonus to the Bladeguard Ancients, which are storm shield/ power sword-wielding Primaris dudes that can slap in close combat.


Eradicators white


Eradicators sprue


primaris eradicator datasheetEradicators are the new Gravis armored unit on the block with 24″ range Assault meltas. But what really puts these guys over the hump is that if they all focus-fire a target (which they should be doing anyway with only three shots) they get to shoot twice. That’s six S8 shots at PL 5 guys. Wow.This is probably going to be the MVP Salamanders unit thanks to the Promethean Cult rule.

Assault Intercessor Squad

Assault Intercessor Squad white


Assault Intercessor Squad sprue


Assault Intercessor Squad statThe Assault Intercessors look like an answered prayer to assault armies like Blood Angels and White Scars. Each model in the unit has a chainsword at -1ap which is great, but the fact that these guys are a Troops choice makes them extra appealing. By turn three, White Scars Assault Intercessors will be swinging for two damage a pop while the BA version will be getting an additional attack at +1 to wound.


Outriders white


Bikes sprue


Outrider Squad StatsUp next, there are the Outriders which in essence, are just S4 -1AP damage batteries. These guys are fast at a max of 20″ per movement phase. However, if you choose not to advance and want to charge, you’ll be getting +2 Attacks to each model. On a regular Outrider model, that’ll be six attacks at S4 -1Ap 1 Damage. 

Indomitus Box Set Unit Points Spotted

Spotted on Imgur, here are the updated points,

indomitus space marine points 2Lastly, we’ve got the Indomitus-side of Space Marine’s points. Note that all of the model’s points include their wargear too according to the key at the bottom! Overall, the points don’t seem bad at all. Paying 35 pts per Bladeguard Vet model that has a 2+/4++ is sweet. Plus, the character units like the Judiciar are dirt cheap at 85 pts!

Invader ATV action shot


Another important side note to make is that the Invader ATV and Servo-Turret are both coming beyond the box. They’re not inside Indomitus but are still listed under the title, which is strange.

What do you think about all of the points cost for Indomitus units? Why do you think the Invader ATV and Servo-turret popped up under Indomitus?

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