Flesh-Eater Courts GHB 2020 Points Changes SPOTTED!

flesheater court walTaking things to Age of Sigmar, we’ve got a first look at some Flesh-Eater Courts points changes that were spotted making rounds today!

Spotted on Imgur, we’ve got a snapshot of the Flesh-eater Courts points inside the General’s Handbook 2020. We know Gristlgore has stayed on top of the food chain with their zombie dragons so let’s see if they got reigned in a little.

Flesh-eater Courts GHB 2020 Pts Revealed: What’s Changed?

flesheater courts 2


FEC 2019 pointsFEC 2019 Points

Here’s a quick reference of the 2019 Flesh-eater Courts points to reference the new 2020 adjustments. We’ll also have the +/- next to the units listed below.

fec 2020 pointsFEC 2020 Points

flesheater courtsComparing the two sheets, here’s what we’ve got that’s changed:

  • Abhorrent Archregent +40
  • Abhorrent Ghoul King +20
  • Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist +20
  • Crypt Horrors -30
  • Endless Spell: Cadaverous Barricade +10
  • Endless Spell: Chalice of Ushoran +10
  • Endless Spell: Corpsemare Stampede +10

Overall, everything that was touched by the balancing team aside from the Crypt Horrors has gone up. While it’s not a devastating amount, it’ll definitely knock some lists off-kilter. FEC players should have to adjust what they bring in almost every game for Age of Sigmar in the days ahead.

What do you think about these changes? Have Flesh-eater Courts been knocked down a sufficient peg? what do you think their faction’s top tournament list will look like in the future?

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