9th Edition 40k Imperial Guard Points Changes

Imperial-guard-wal-horThe Imperial Guard wasn’t spared from all the points changes happening in 9th Edition 40k either. Check out this full list of what’s different now!

Over on Reddit, there’s a Google spreadsheet of point adjustments for just about every faction. U/Saiek mentioned that it’s a work in progress so some tweaks are bound to turn up eventually.

Here’s a closer look into the Imperial Guard faction with their units’ base points cost. Depending on what kind of wargear you’ve given your dudes, we recommend you take some time for yourself to check out the entire chart and plug in the numbers.

9th Edition 40k Imperial Guard Point Changes

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Oof that’s a lot of yellow and red. While Imperial Guard characters and units are fairly cheap, they are an army that can spam units. Those small adjustments really add up over two or three detachments. Looking at some of the bigger hits, we’ve got Conscripts and Infantry Squads going up to 5 pts a pop. It’s odd that Conscripts would remain in the same weight class as an Infantry Squad despite being lower Ld and having a 50/50 chance of accepting orders, but they’ve been like that for a while so…

With all the vehicle buffs like getting to remain in combat and shoot/blast weapon bonuses against hordes, we can also see how Leman Russes would jump up quite a bit. While they’re much better in 9th Edition we suspect we won’t be seeing too many (unless someone is specifically running a Russ spam list).

imperial guard point changes 2
For +1 Armor Save, +1 BS and a better gun, you’ll have to pay +2 pts for Scions. Going from 7 to 9 base is a big jump considering most Guard lists at minimum run a Battalion (and sometimes a Brigade). However, they’re all around better than your average Guardsmen.

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Another unit to note is the Special Weapons Squad. With Mortars being the most popular weapon for the unit and with Mortars counting as Blast, these guys will be the bane of screens in 9th Edition. With that said, they’ve also jumped up in points. Considering you can only take three squads of three it’s nothing insanely drastic and we think we’ll still be seeing Mortar spam in plenty of Guard lists still.

Primaris Psykers also went up a good amount. Now, you’ll have to pay a bit more of a premium if you want some “cheap” psychic support added into your frontlines.

imperial guard point changes 3Named characters also went up across the board although nothing super extreme. The majority of them only jumped up about 5pts so you’ll hardly notice a difference in the cost/performance.

Remember, there is still the wargear to go over but that is largely dependent on the kind of wargear you gave your models. Be sure to check them out on your own time! After seeing these changes, it looks like the Imperial Guard took a slight hit, but nothing that nerfed them into the ground in 9th Edition. They’re pretty much on par with every other faction we’ve covered.

What do you think about the changes to the Imperial Guard? How much more expensive has your 2k list gotten?

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