Sculpting Detail on Miniatures is Easy With This Tutorial

sculpting miniaturesLearn easy sculpting tips to get great details on your miniatures with the latest tutorial from Wyatt at Jack of Clubs Painting.

Jack of Clubs Painting is a regular here and normally shows us how to paint our favorite models. This time, instead of painting, he’s giving us some hobby advice on raised details through sculpting!

Sculpting Detail on Miniatures is Easy With This Tutorial

rough shape on knightStart by mixing your epoxy of choice together, such as Greenstuff (aka Kneadatite). Roll and separate it out for the design you want to make then using either water or your saliva, get your fingertips a little damp so it’s easier to stick to the model and not your hands. You can even dip them in water with a drop of dish soap too.

Lightly apply the Greenstuff to the model in a rough shape of what you want to add.

ball tool around the modelAfter about 5-10 mins, begin working your way around the shape and gently scrape down or scallop the sides along the edges all the way around the formation with your sculpting tool. This will help secure the epoxy even more to the model and also happens to look more like welding. If your tool is sticking to the epoxy, go ahead and apply water to the tip just like with your fingers before.

sculpted pus bulbYou can also sculpt smaller details, like this pus bulb. Use the same techniques as before, but this time, add the three little divets with your ball tool.

With that, the model is looking sickeningly sweet with your personal touch and ready for painting! If you want to learn more from Wyatt’s insight, watch the full video! And if you love his work, check out another great set of painting tips here.

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