RUMORS: 4 New Horus Heresy Plastic Starter Box Sets

chaos rumors new wal hor warhammer games workshopFour new versions of a new Horus Heresy Plastic Starter Set Launch Box are said to be on the way soon- here’s what we’ve heard.

We know the new Horus Heresy Starter Launch Box Set will most likely hit stores sometime in June, so let’s recap the value and possible pricing for the edition!

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Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Horus Heresy Rules & Product Leaks. Click on the gallery above to see new Horus Heresy models and rules rumors!

Incredible Value & Pricing For New Plastic Horus Heresy Launch Box Starter Set?

Horus Heresy Starter

You also get templates, measuring sticks, dice, and the new rulebook for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy – which you’ll be able to buy separately soon after the boxed set is released. The rules have been updated and improved, perfect for a time of Titans, Primarchs, and Legions of superhuman warriors.

It wouldn’t be a proper starter without all this stuff! Plus, getting the templates is nice if you haven’t played before or haven’t played 40k since the age of templates.

Horus Heresy Starter Set Price, Value & Savings Breakdown

You won’t have long to wait to get your hands on this unbelievably packed boxed set, and while we can’t reveal full details of pricing, we can confirm that the set will cost less than £200 or $300 (US) when it launches. That’s a lot of Beakies for your bucks…

There are two big things to note first. We don’t know the prices of the individual kits 100%, so this is as close as we can get for now. Also, just to note, these are all going to be priced in plastic, with estimated pricing compared to the latest price increases.

  • 40 Mark III Space Marines $220 ($55 for 10)
  • 10 Cataphractii Terminators $140 ($70 for 5)
  • Contemptor Dreadnought $70 (based on the Redemptor kit)
  • Characters $55 (based on the Space Marine Characters pack)
  • Spartan $110 (drop from resin based on the Repulsor Executioner price)
  • Rulebook and other potential accessories $50 (probably more on the $60-70 side)

Total MSRP: $645 not counting  accessories  Confirmed Box Price: $299

Total Values versus $299 box price:  $346 in value

assassins-bundle-featureGet All Four Assassins & Free Shipping!

So while the initial price is a little higher than we had hoped (but expected), this has some great value, and you get more than 100% of the box price in value. Plus, you just get so many minis!

This will be a great pickup if you want to get into the game.

RUMORS: Details For New Plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set

Spotted over on Reddit, user u/Admiral_SKK, compiled some of the more recent rumors online.

GW will overtake Horus Heresy as a “new” System from FW

Own Ruleset like the last one from FW, not a 9th Edition 40k adaption like many guess

Many new Plastic Sets are planned to replace FW Resin Models which will be also useful with 40k Armies

GW will overtake the Decals for all 18 Legions, Characteres and very Legion specific Stuff remains with FW

Horus Heresy Art Wal Hor

As a new Main System, Horus Heresy Story will expanded with Themed Expansions like the “Warzone” Books in 40k – the reboot beginns with the Battle for the Sol System, later they will revisit earlier “Warzones” like Istvaan III, Istvaan V, Prospero, Tallarn ect. with focus on certain Factions

Warzone Expansions replace the “Black Books” permanently

Horus Heresy is planned over many Years and will also Expanded into a “Age of Darkness” Game with multiple Setting, including the Scourge or the Great Crusade (see The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as “Middleearth” SBG)

4 New Horus Heresy Plastic Starter Launch Box Set

Once again on Reddit, user u/Admiral_SKK, has more recent rumors focused around the new Horus Heresy plastic Starter Set(s.)  New rumors have been added below in red and some grammar has been corrected.

Fundamentally the rumor states the “new” rules will still be true to 7th Edition, which we assumed from the Starter set pictures that showed a scatter die and templates still.

Age of Darkness – The Horus Heresy Launch Box:

As known, the Box will have the following content:
– 40 MkVI Marines
– 10 Cataphract Terminators
– 1 Spartan
– 1 Contemptor Dreadnought
– 1 Imperial Fist Castellan
– 1 Sons of Horus / Trainer Praetor
– “Age of Darkness” Rulebook
– “Horus Heresy” Intro Booklet
– “Battle for Heta-Gladius” Campaign Booklet
– Other Stuff for new Players

Story of the Box is about the Battle for Heta-Gladius, when the SoH
assaulted a small but important Imperial Garrison manned by Imperial Fists,
Blood Angels and the Imperial Army.

‘Heta-Gladius’ Launch Box:

  • 240£
  • Miniatures (as said)
  • IF Castellan has two head options (with and without helmet)
  • SoH Preator has three head options (with and without helmet, corrupted face)
  • Campagin Booklet (as said)
  • Horus Heresy Fluff Intro Booklet (as said)
  • Large Softcover Rulebook
  • FW Horus Heresy Catalogue
  • Horus Heresy Flyer (how to expand your Horus Heresy Armies)

Already the new plastic Horus Heresy Starter Set Launch Box looks to have way more in it than the previous two starters, and now may definitely end up being the Indomitus version of 30k. Especially with this latest path to market rumors.

Considering the last two boxes for Horus Heresy were only $150 though, this may just be to push the price to that $200-300 mark.

We’ll have to wait a little longer on the confirmed price to decide that, but there are also some rumors this could be GW trying to up the price to $300 for a starter set.


Big Intro Box:

Supposedly this Launch box will be followed several months later by smaller new configuration repackaged sets just like the previous Indomitus, and Dominion set launches for Warhammer 40k and AoS.

  • 180£
  • Miniatures (as said)
  • Both Characters / HQ choices are not the same identical from the Launch Box
  • Dreadnought is the Mosopose from the Calth Box
  • Large Softcover Rulebook
  • FW Horus Heresy Catalogue
  • Horus Heresy Flyer (how to expand your Horus Heresy Armies)

This was previously rumored to have the following contents:

– 30 MkVI Marines
– 10 Terminators (don’t know if Cataphracts or Tartaros)
– 1 Contemptor Dreadnought (the Monopose one)
– 2 Characters

Medium Intro Box:

  • 100 £
  • Miniatures (as said)
  • Both Characters / HQ choices are not the same identical from the Launch Box
  • Dreadnought is the Mosopose from the Calth Box
  • Small Softcover Rulebook
  • Horus Heresy Flyer (how to expand your Horus Heresy Armies)

This version was previously rumored to have the following contents:

– 20 MkVI Marines
– 5 Terminators (don’t know if Cataphracts or Tartaros)
– 1 Contemptor Dreadnought (the Monopose one)
– 2 Characters

Small Intro Box

  • 40 £
  • Miniatures (as said)
  • Small Softcover Rulebook
  • Horus Heresy Flyer (how to expand your Horus Heresy Armies)

This was said to come only with ten of the new MkVI marines.

Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Launch Accessories
horus heresy collection

Further rumors forecast the new rules and settings, plus some helpful accessories to get new legions up and running faster with rules and hobby support.

Age of Darkness Rulebook:
Main Rules for Games Workshops new main System
– Core Rules are technical 7th Edition 40k
– Units and formations are like in 8th and 9th Edition

Black Books:
First “Warzone” Book
– Featuring the Legions of Imperial Fists and Blood Angels for loyalists
and SoH and World Eaters for traitors, also Imperial Army
– Includes content before the Traitors entered the sol system

Age of Darkness Horus Heresy Compendium
“Codex-like” Book for the Age of Darkness
– Over 200 Sites
– Summary for most of the FW Rules Content after the old Books will get
replaced by new Warzone Books
– Rules for all 18 Space Marine Legions
– Mechanicus
– Imperial Army and Auxilia

GW Internal:
There will be some internal changes at Nottingham
– Staff from the FW Team (which were working on HH) switched already to the

GW Main Studio
– Work on the new Age of Darkness Rulebook began before this
– White Dwarf Team will grow for more HH featuring content

These are also new Citadel hobby rumors for new sprays coming to help hobbyists paint up their armies faster.

  • 12 new Spray cans
  • some of them are fitting to layer colors
  • Sons of Horus Green Spray
  • White Scars Spray (return of “true white” as a spray)
  • Valrak Orange Spray (sorry, a joke by the source…)

New Horus Heresy Edition & Plastic Starter Set


Horus Heresy book 9 crusade

Getting its own ruleset makes sense, especially when you see what looks like a scatter die in the images of the models. GW taking decals makes sense, especially since pretty much all of them are still applicable in 40k in some ways. Horus Heresy getting “Warzone” style expansions is exciting, maybe it will make the rules easier to follow. Specifics on locations seem legit, but could technically not be true.

It looks like there are long terms plans for GW to start working on Horus Heresy and making it the main game. Hopefully, that means there will be an upsurge of players and some growth in the community, as right now it’s pretty small.

RUMORS: Horus Heresy Releases June-September with Prices

Horus Heresy Art Wal HorAccording to Faeit, these are the new Horus Heresy releases that we will see this summer! Keep in mind these prices seem a little low compared to some of their 40k equivalents.

Releases for June:
  • “Heta-Gladius” Launch Box: – £240
  • Rulebook – £43
  • Three Codex like compilation Books – £32.50 each: Loyalists, Traitors, Other Age of Darkness Armies – Loyalists and Traitors
Releases for July:
  • Three different Starter Sets – £180 /£100 / £40 each
  • Space Marine Legionary + Paints Sets (A + B) – £23 each  featuring 3 Space Marines and 7 paints
  • Getting Started with Horus Heresy Magazine – £10 Includes 2 Space Marine Legionaries
Releases for August:
  • Space Marine Legion Tactical Squad – £36
  • 10 Models multipart in the same fashion as the Chaos Space Marines
  • Common weapon options
  • Deimos Pattern Rhino – £31
  • Space Marine Legion Praetor – £22  Not the same Model than was already shown
Releases for September:
  • Deimos Pattern Predator – £39
  • Upgrade Sprue Sons of Horus – £9.50
  • Upgrade Sprue Imperial Fists – £9.50
  • Upgrade Sprue Blood Angels – £9.50
  • Upgrade Sprue Emperors Children – £9.50
  • Upgrade Sprue White Scras – £9.50
  • Upgrade Spue World Eaters – £9.50
Releases without date:
  • Deimos Pattern Vindicator – £39
  • Kratos Battle Tank – £52.50
  • Land Raider – £52.50
  • Land Raider Spartan – £60
  • Contemptor Dreadnought – £35
  • Space Marine Tactical Squad + Rhino – £57
  • Deimos Pattern Rhino Suqadron – £87
  • Deimos Pattern Predator Squadron – £107
  • Space Marine Auxillary (details unknown)

From the looks of it, there may be a pretty aggressive four-month path to market for the new edition of Horus Heresy starting in June of 2022.

GW Confirms New Horus Heresy Starter Box, Sort of

This video is honestly pretty amazing, but still, we would have loved to know more about the game. Especially because it’s been forever since the initial pics were leaked.

Horus Heresy New Minis

This might not be the first time we’ve seen Mark VI power armour in plastic (that would have been the first ever plastic kit for Warhammer 40,000 – RTB01), but this brings them up to date with the Mark III and Mark IV kits with LOADS of options.

Well, when you look at the new marine they revealed, and the rumors of the boxset, this looks pretty similar to us! The first Mark VI Marine they showed has that great old-school feel to it, and maybe the best part is its plastic!

Plus from the scaling, if that is a 32mm base, it looks to be more of a “true-scale” size than “firstborn”. He also most likely the model labeled “7” in the leaked starter set image above, almost guaranteeing this is the real deal…

Horus Heresy New Minis 2

The Praetors are some of the first kits moving to plastic, making the game more approachable than ever before. If you’re a fan of the lore or the Horus Heresy series from Black Library, but you’re not so familiar with advanced resin kits, this is the edition of the game you’ve been waiting for. Both miniatures will be in the launch set for the new edition, on which we’ll have more details coming very soon…

Next up was the Praetor, who is pretty badass honestly. Plus, it looks a lot like the mini in the rumored pics above the model numbered “6”. So, let’s hope the box rumors are true.

New Horus Heresy Plastic Land Raider Spartan Revealed!

The mighty Land Raider is a design that has stood the test of time ever since Arkhan Land dug it out of the catacombs on Mars – but what’s a Legion Praetor to do when their prized Terminator squads can’t quite squeeze into its armoured hold? They reach for the Spartan Assault Tank – and now, with a stunning new plastic kit, you can too. 

Land Raider spartan

Also known as the Land Raider Spartan, this armoured carrier was designed* to punch through the most overwhelming enemy defences and deliver a knock-out blow of massed Astartes infantry.

It looks a lot like you would expect, but that look is timeless and awesome! The best part though? It’s plastic!

Land Raider spartan 2

When not carting Space Marines about, the Spartan is also an effective vehicle-killer in its own right, armed with a whopping eight lascannons. Grouped into two quad-linked arrays, these lay down accurate bursts of firepower strong enough to crack open any enemy hull.

You can even swap out the heavy bolter for two more lascannons! So if you need to punch through enemy armor, this should be able to do the trick with 10, that’s right, 10 lascannons! Then, the gunner can have a ton of options as well, so plenty to choose from.

Land Raider spartan 3

It became a common assault vehicle during the Great Crusade, where its nigh-impervious chassis could shrug off regular anti-tank weapons as it ferried up to 26 Legionaries – or 13 Terminators – into the fray, with a surprising turn of speed for its size.

The new Land Raider Spartan has plenty of carrying capacity, and when you drop 13 Terminators on the enemy, you know their day is about to go badly.

New Horus Heresy Plastic Contemptor Dreadnought Revealed!

Hot on the heels of the Spartan, Games Workshop officially revealed the Plastic Horus Heresy Contemptor Dreadnought, and it looks great!


plastic contemptor dread

If you like the idea of a fallen hero of your Legion marching imperiously into battle, small-arms fire bouncing harmlessly off its armour and atomantic force field, to crush all who oppose them in glorious combat, then you’re going to love the new Contemptor Dreadnought.

Not to mention by the looks of it, this could easily be any legion with the right paint job. There’s no built-in iconography, making this a super flexible kit.

Not only is it a hardy unit on the battlefield, but it’s also brutally powerful both at range and in melee – after all, it’s essentially a massive Space Marine! What’s more, the new multipart plastic kit includes a wealth of devastating weapon options.

There’s also the big benefit of assembly, resin does have a few extra steps in assembly, while plastic just simply doesn’t!

The Contemptor’s right arm can take ballistic weapons in the form of a bolt cannon or autocannon, or a tank-busting melta cannon or lascannon. Meanwhile, the mighty left-hand power fist can be equipped with a built-in combi-bolter, heavy flamer, plasma blaster, or meltagun. And if you fancy adding some high explosives to your walking arsenal, you can even outfit your Contemptor with a carapace-mounted havoc launcher!

A good assortment of weapons will make this new kit one with a ton of flexibility, just like the old resin Forge World model.

In short, this is a fantastic release! One of the best and most popular Forge World kits, the Contemptor Dread even saw some play in 40k, so this is a huge release!

How Many Horus Heresy Starter Boxes Will be Made?

horus heresy plastic legion 4

According to the rumor on Faeit there will be 100,000 of the new Horus Heresy starter sets made worldwide.

Honestly, though the first version of the rumor said one million, which is pretty much an imaginary number, and perhaps may actually sorta disprove this rumor altogether.

Regardless, let’s assume for a second it’s valid, are 100,000 copies of a starter set even a realistic number? Turns out it may be?


When 40k Indomitus hit preorder mid lockdown in the summer of 2020, supposedly there were 35,000 for just here in the states. You may remember those sold out pretty much immediately due to FOMO and secondary market speculation from resellers.

Eventually, Games Workshop put it on MTO and delivered additional stocks before Christmas of 2020- which means that perhaps 70,000 copies of this starter set were available to consumers in the United States that year.

Fast forward to 2021, and amid a drop in consumer confidence, no new release has sold out since Paraiah Nexus. Sales from Dominion forward were reportedly semi-disastrous for retailers who still have those, various 40k army boxes, and starter sets on shelves this spring. Even GW themselves dumped the last of their stock at Adepticon as they sponsored their VIG bags with at least two pallets worth of Dominion Starters.

dominion for days

So while we hope that Horus Heresy re-ignites the hobby passion for a lot of players, and potentially converts tons more to battles in the Age of Darkness, 100,000 copies of this new starter set may be a bit ambitious on Games Workshop’s part after the events of the past year and the state of consumer confidence in their products.

In GW numbers, however, it’s a totally plausible number as they look to hype up this release starting in May with the Horus Heresy open!

But the good news is that if you want it, you should be able to get the new Horus Heresy start set if they do indeed make 100,000 copies!

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Horus Heresy Rules & Product Leaks. Click on the gallery above to see new Horus Heresy models and rules rumors!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

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