More Used & Painted Warhammer Miniatures To Buy

By Rob Baer | February 19th, 2022 | Categories: Game & Hobby Products, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

used painted warhammer miniatures models to buyA great new way to buy used Warhammer miniatures is here as we’ve just added hundreds of used, NIB, and painted models to our store!

Most people know our MTO Marketplace has awesome 3D printed minis, but there are a ton of offerings that are NIB, built, used, and even some awesomely painted ones. So if you’ve been looking for a place to pick up some Used Warhammer, Forge World, or, Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures, this is a great place to start.

used painted warhammer miniatures models to buyThere are hundreds of items in the MTO Marketplace, but we’ll highlight some for you to check out!

Keep in mind prices change all the time on these models as new ones are added, and old stock is reduced in price!

Buy NIB & Used Warhammer Miniatures:

used painted warhammer miniatures models to buyYou can get miniatures still on the sprues, primed, and just built. Obviously, you will save some cash from the market prices if you go with the used models. Nothing wrong with getting the minis you want pre-built and also saving some cash!

NIB Minis 2There are used Warhammer miniatures to buy for pretty much all the factions and models for both AoS and 40k. It’s nice because there are also some older models on there that can be really hard to get.

NIB Minis 3There are also exclusive minis and boxes broken up so if you don’t want to spend for minis you don’t need, you don’t have to pay for them.

MCP Models

MCP Minis 2The store is great if you only want one of the two models in the expansions or starter. Just like with the models above, that way you won’t be paying for more than you want.

MCP MinisIf you don’t feel like painting your minis, there are also a ton of awesomely painted minis in the store! Obviously, they will be more expensive than the unpainted ones, but it saves you a ton of hassle.

Painted Minis


NIB Minis 4There are some great painted Warhammer 40k and AoS miniatures to buy in the store as well. Plus even showcase units such as the Intercessors squad above.

Click Here T0 Get Your NIB, Used, & Painted Minis!

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