GW Preview Reveals New Chaos Knights & Codex Books

GW-Previews-knightsThe GW AdeptiCon preview revealed the new Karnivore, and Abominant kits along with the Imperial and Chaos Knights codex books!

Another big online GW Preview for all things Warhammer is here! Catch all the latest reveals from  Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community along with our commentary!

The new Chaos Abominant and Karnivore will both be upgrade kits for existing Knights kits, meaning they are not totally new, but better than nothing for Chaos! The Imperial Knights don’t really get any new minis, but they will get a new codex.

Let’s first check out the preview we saw, then get into the new stuff.

GW AdeptiCon Preview

AdeptiCon Preview 3

We’ve also got tonnes of hobby right here on Warhammer-Community.com – along with a look at some of the new rules from Arena of Shades and interviews with some of the designers of the new Aeldari kits, we’ll have full coverage of all of the big reveals from this year’s AdeptiCon. 

AdeptiCon Preview 2

Games Workshop New Years Day 2022 Preview

Within the video above which debuted on Warhammer Community, there are at least seven, possibly nine or even ten, new models. We don’t get a full look at any of the models, however, we do get glimpses, and one definitely stole the show at least for us. Most have been revealed by now, but not the Deamon Engine-looking model!

gw 2022 daemon engine 1This first image looks very much Chaos Renegades. Specifically, it resembles the Maulerfiend’s weapon, which leads us to think there could be a new potential Daemon Engine of sorts coming!

gw 2022 daemon engine 2Backing up the Daemon Engine idea, we’ve got more chaos-y metal and exhausts that you’d see on top of such a construct along with these armor plates a frame later.

GW Reveals Puzzling New Imperial Knights & Chaos 40k Teaser

The preview video itself doesn’t show too much, but we can tell the following:

Knights CodexHere’s what Games Workshop has to say about the teaser:

With portents of Chaos popping up all over the Imperium and new Xenos threats preparing to swarm the galaxy, Humanity needs its mightiest defenders on the front lines. The Code Chivalric demands a response, and thus the Imperial Knights stride forth once more to smite Mankind’s deadliest foes on the glorious field of battle.

We weren’t sure how soon they would get a book, and it’s a little surprising that Imperial Knights could potentially now be next in line for one after the Tyranids with this reveal.

Imperial Knights

Across the Imperium, crowds are gathering to watch these highborn cavaliers mount their colossal steeds and embark on their crusade against the forces of ruin. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of these magnificent behemoths at AdeptiCon later this week?

GW AdeptiCon Preview Reveals New Chaos Knights

Yes, new codexes are on the way soon for Chaos Knights and Imperial Knights! The crowd at AdeptiCon have already seen the books for the first time – now it’s your opportunity to admire these mighty tomes.\

Chaos Knights Abominant 

The Abominant has everything you could want in a Chaos Knight – tusks, a volkite combustor to devastate distant enemies, an electroscourge to crush anything that gets too close, AND it’s a psyker. Yes, a Knight that has psychic powers! And that gun is a nod to classic Heresy-era weaponry, which their Imperial counterparts have all but lost.

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The first miniature up is the upgrade kit to make a Knight Abominant, which will actually be a psyker. It covers most of the things from the above preview video, so don’t expect too much else from them. One thing to note here though, is all the current Questors, and Dominus Knights currently go for $170, so we’re not sure what the upgrade sprue will push it to when it releases separately…

The new army set is a great way to kick off a Chaos Knights army and perfect for adding reinforcements to an existing host of Descecrators and Rampagers. This box will be the first place you’ll be able to get your hands on the new Codex: Chaos Knights before it comes out as a separate release soon after. 

They also mentioned the army box will have 3 knights (the Abominat and box of two Karnivore models) and the codex, along with some transfer sheets

Chaos Knight War Dog Karnivore


Armed with a reaper chaintalon and slaughterclaw, the Karnivore can tear its way through anything from Dreadnoughts to Trygons.

Be careful not to upset the Karnivore, or you’ll have to face its bigger brother – the Abominant! 

Next up is the Karnivore, which is fully geared up for close combat.

Lastly, we have the two new codex books, so at least Imperial Knight players are getting that!

If you missed the lastest few previews from GW in 2021, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

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Are you excited about all the new Chaos Knights Abominant and Karnivore models?

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