Primaris Space Marines Company Champion Unboxing & Build

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warhammer-exclusives-unboxingDon’t miss our unboxing and build of the exclusive new Warhammer 40k Primaris Space Marines Company Champion miniature!

Rob is back unboxing the newest releases for the Space Marines and a brand new exclusive mini. He’ll see what it takes to get it ready for the tabletop, show the size of the model, and tell you the GOTCHAS to be aware of when building it! 

We are going to show you everything including the sprues, bits, and of course, the size. That way you can decide if this is worth your hard-earned hobby dollars.

Primaris Space Marines Company Champion: Unboxing

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Primaris Company Chapion UnboxingThis is actually a pretty cool mini, if you score one at a show, they went for $38. However, they are going for much more on secondary markets right now, but as more events happen, we expect the price to go down.

Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 2It looks like a push-fit model, which some people like and some people don’t.

Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 3Obviously, anything that’s ETB will be super easy to build, but there aren’t really any options. Let’s check out the rules they released for this mini.

Primaris Company Champion VS Firstborn 40k Rules Datasheet

company champion datasheet

Firstborn Company Champion

Primaris Company Champion

Primaris Company Champion Rules

New Bonuses (for a 15 point difference and legends only games): 

  • +1 to Attack (Firstborn: 4, Primaris: 5)
  • +1 to Wounds (Firstborn: 4, Primaris: 5)
  • Only has a Master-crafted power sword (no pistol or grenades compared to Firstborn)
  • Trades out the Martial Superiority ability for Chapter Command (no fight first, but instead can potentially get up to 6 base attacks and 9 leadership)
  • Trades out Command Squad for Blade Stance (no more battlefield role special rule, but instead gets stances adding a ton of flexibility)

Overall, the Primaris Champion does look much better. Blade Stance is just so insanely good. Swapping at will each fight phase to one of three fantastic bonuses is great flexibility, even if they are only +1s to select stats. The 4+ Invul could be clutch!

primaris company champion legends rules

Unfortunately, this is only for legends games, but at the end of the day, this is just another great model to add to your collection or maybe even use as a proxy!


Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 4Even though it’s just one sprue and ETB, they really got a lot of detail in there and obviously, it looks quite easy to build. There is some possibility for changing heads and such, but not much really.

Assembled Mini

Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 6It goes together really fast. One thing we did notice, however, is all the nubs and holes were extremely tight. Rob would almost recommend cutting off the nubs and just gluing it. Luckily, there is hardly any gapping.

Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 7Unfortunately, these are quite expensive on the secondary market, but if you do go to an event, he’s probably worth picking up. Rob also really likes that they actually put rules out for the model but put it to legends. Meaning you don’t have to worry about rules bloat.

Size Comparison

Primaris Company Chapion Unboxing 5As you can see, this is basically perfectly sized to fit into your Primaris army.

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