Wild Sizes: Horus Heresy Beakies Are Larger Than You Think!

Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisonsThe new Horus Heresy Beakie Armor Space Marines miniatures are definitely bigger than we thought-  check out the size comparisons!

Tons of hobbyists showed up at Warhammer World for the Horus Heresy open on May 7th, 2022, and now we can see the true size of the new MKVI Corvus, aka Beakie Armor Space Marines Legionnaires.

We’ll start with the Horus Heresy Starter Preview, then jump into the new Space Marines miniatures size comparisons.

Horus Heresy Starter Boxset Has Been Revealed!

It’s time to get excited! Even though we don’t have an exact release date, it’s a good time to be playing Horus Heresy for sure!

Horus Heresy Starter 2

This is a complete game for two players in a box that’s packed with incredible new miniatures. If you don’t feel like sharing, it’s a fantastic way to start or expand a new Warhammer: The Horus Heresy army! The miniatures are all plastic and much easier to build, making the game more accessible than ever before. (Who are we kidding, you’re not going to share it…)

Horus Heresy StarterWe’ve been waiting on this new Horus Heresy box for so long now, and seeing it finally confirmed by Games Workshop at Warhammer Fest is quite nice.

So we know what is inside the box, and the value.  You will get 40 Mark VI Space Marines and the Cataphractii Terminators that were revealed to be the current plastic kit that we have seen for a while now, which is cool too!

But the big question on everyone’s minds seems to be how big are the new Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size and what are the comparisons to current models?

Horus Heresy Space Marines Miniatures Size?

Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisonsFortunately, lots of hobbyists posted up images of the new Horus heresy MK VI Beakie Space Marines Legionnaires in comparison to the size of other Astartes of various years and marks.

So let’s check out how big these new models will actually be.

Horus Heresy Vs. Primaris Size Comparison

fauxhammer Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisonsSo here’s your Space Marine Size Difference. So yes, MkVi is almost as tall as MkX Primaris. Lore wise, do I care. No, I don’t. give me Truescale any day and I don’t need a reason.

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Fauxhammer posted this cool image on his IG, showing the new Beakie versus a Primaris, and honestly the model looks good to us!

Horus Heresy Vs. Chaos and Death Guard Miniatures Size Comparison

anvils_of_konor Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisonsAnvils of Konor went a step further and posted some Horus Heresy size comparisons in relation to Chaos Marines, a currently Death Guard, and a 3d printed model with plastic bits. The size still looks good to us!

Horus Heresy Vs. Horus Heresy Miniatures Comparisons

snake_works_studio Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisons

snake_works_studio Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures size comparisonsFinally, Snake Works Studio posted up how the MKVI looks next to what looks to be an MK III in plastic, which, as he remarks, is a touch bigger.

While we’re here for the new sizing, after seeing the backpack, we’re not 100% sold on that element quite yet. Maybe getting a good look at the sprues will help with that some?

Regardless, while it looks like there is a bit of scale creep from the existing Horus Heresy Space Marines miniatures, it’s nothing that isn’t in line with the current trend for plastic Chaos Space Marines Legions and, of course, the larger Primaris as well.

If you missed the latest few previews from GW, you can get all caught up on those from our coverage below:

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What do you think about the new Horus Heresy miniatures size in compassion to existing Space Marines?

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