Best Miniatures Games That Aren’t Warhammer 2022

best-alternatives-to-GW-gamesHere are our top picks for the best alternative tabletop games to play in place of any of the Games Workshop Warhammer ones out there!

Most have been out for a while, have a great following, lots of minis, and are fun in general. These are some of our picks of the best alternative tabletop games to play instead of any of the Games Workshop Warhammer ones out there.

Best Alternative Tabletop Games to Games Workshop 2022

Best of all, these games all have new releases galore, so chances are there will always be something new and fresh on the horizon to keep you engaged.  Buying them from your local game store will help keep them in business through these hard times and give you hours of enjoyment with new and old friends.

If you think we forgot any games that should be on this list, leave us a comment below- we would love to hear what you think!

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol core set feature rMCP has a ton of great minis, an easy-to-play ruleset, and maybe best of all, you get to play with some of your favorite superheroes! The ruleset makes for pretty quick games, so even if you want a bunch of games just in one afternoon, you can; oh yeah, and did we say Marvel superheroes?

If you want to learn more about the game and minis, check out the site here.

Bolt Action

island assault starter set feature rIf you want to get into a historical game, Bolt Action is a great place to start! The minis are really cool, the price is affordable, and it lets you replay some famous battles. . Find out more about the game here.

Star Wars X-Wing & Legion

x-wing wal horAre you a fan of Star Wars? These are the games for you! They both have a really fun game system, with cards that change how your models play and can even let you pilot ships with famous characters.

crashed escape pod star wars legionSo whether you want to play with the troops on the ground or space battles, you can do either. Check out more about those games here.



Infinity Feature hor walInfinity is a very tactical skirmish game that has a very dedicated following. The newest edition is also much easier to get into for new players, so if you want a fun game with interesting but highly tactical mechanics, Infinity is the game for you. Check out more about Infinity here.


gaslands-title-wal-horGaslands is a cool game of post-apocalyptic car combat that lets you use any minis, cars, or anything to play! The game system is super fast, meaning you can get a bunch of games in.

Plus the hobby aspect of it is one of the best parts because you can use anything you want. Check out more about Gaslands here.

Blood & Plunder

blood and plunder (2)The age of sail meets Pirates of the Caribbean in a dope land and sea format that is one of the most thematic looking games on any tabletop when done right!

blood and plunderI always love seeing this played on the table, and Firelock Games is pretty invested in the upkeep of this wonderful system as well.  You can find out lots more on their site here.

Warmachine MK IV

Storm LegionWith the new edition announced, now is the best time to get into the game! If you’ve never played, you’ll be on a more even playing field than if you joined in the middle of an edition.

WarmachinePlus, they are planning on releasing a bunch of new stuff, so the perfect time to go pick up some new minis! Check out more here!


One Page rules

april One Page rules feature rThey actually have a bunch of games to play, and you can get all the rules for them here. You can use what minis you want, and whether you want to play fantasy or sci-fi, they have you covered!

Onepagerules welcom packPlus, they make awesome minis every month, so you can continue to build your miniature arsenal and play fun games!


ExofrontThey just came out with a new game and want community feedback, so if you want to be on the ground floor of a game, then this might be perfect for you! All the rules, 3D/2D assets are free, and even free model downloads!

Exofront 6Plus, they are making new rules and models all the time! Check out more here!

D&D Onslaught

D&D Onslaught

This will be out in Q4 2022, but other D&D minis topped the sales list for most sold miniatures, so if you want a game, that combines both, this could be perfect. Check out more here!


September ReleasesThis is a super fun game with really cool minis. Most people have heard of the game, but if you never tried it, it’s totally worth it! Plus, with how many awesome models they have and the game’s unique mechanics, it’s a fresh take on wargaming! Find out more about the game here!

Battle for Vallor

Army of the Underwater Empire From Signum GamesThis game comes from Signum Games, and they have tons of awesome models, many of which can be used as alternatives for AoS, making them a good double stand-in! Plus, the game is super fun, so it’s worth a try if you like fantasy games. Learn more about it here!


Fallout Robots and MutantsModiphius actually has a ton of tabletop games that are really cool. However, their Fallout: Wasteland Warfare might be their best! It has many nostalgic characters and plenty to dig your teeth into.

They also have an Elder Scrolls game if you’d rather play more fantasy style too! Learn more about all of them here!


Fallen Divinity 2This is a really cool square-based fantasy game with a constant stream of releases and really cool models! It’s also a growing scene, so if you’re looking for some of that square-based fantasy madness, this might be perfect! Plus, they have a really cool background and lore set up for the game, so there is plenty to read about.

If you want to learn more, you can here!

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Which of these alternative Games Workshop Warhammer tabletop games is your favorite? What game do you love to play that is not on the list?

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