Top 80 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures

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chaos hive bringer wargame exclusive

Do you recognize any of these? Come see our updated list of Top 80 alternative miniature lines to Games Workshop, in our vast sampling of independent company offerings.

They say competition breeds innovation and lower prices, and for this industry that seems to hold true, somewhat.

Once again it’s hard to deny that Games Workshop’s designs for miniatures have made a quantum leap in the last few years. Part of that is sure to stem from the new 3D computer design and printing technology our there. BUT, how much of it was also inspired by necessity?

Top 80 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures

Let’s take a look at our updated list of some of the best independent company alternatives for Games Workshop’s minis:

Newest Companies

Leonidas 40k Top 80 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures

infantry Top 80 Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures







Future Alternative Miniatures 


gadgets plus wolf head

Gadgets Plus Wolf Head For Knight

lord iron hand

Creature Caster Lord of Malice


chaos hive bringer wargame exclusive

Wargame Exclusive’s Chaos Hive Bringer


prime battle walker knight comparrison

Puppets War – Prime Battle Walker


Mad Robot

kromlech bike

Kromlech’s Legionnaire Biker

Grim Gothic Artel main

Fantasy Alternative Miniatures 

reaper minis

avatars of war plastic harpies

Avatar’s of War Gargoyles 

Wyrd_FridayPreview Basotho Cavalry



Mini Monsters  Alternate and themed Terrain

That is a TON of amazing alternate sources for your miniatures needs. Plus with the prevalence of 3D printing technology, new companies are popping up all the time. For now, it seems like Games Workshop is staying ahead of the curve with all this. BUT, the future is anyone’s guess.

Are there any third party mini sites we may have missed? Drop us a line in the comments below and let us know and we’ll be sure to add them to the list.

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